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How Codeless Selenium and AI Accelerates Testing and Cuts Costs
In this meeting, we will discuss the growing trend of codeless and AI tools and how it can contribute to the testing processes. In today’s Agile environment, testing is becoming more and more of a bottleneck. The number of tests in web applications is increasing exponentially and release cycles are getting shorter each time. Selenium is one of the main solutions for applying test automation. Although it has many advantages, plain Selenium has not yet managed to solve the growing holdup. Codeless and AI are some of the possible solutions to solve this constriction and accelerate the whole QA process while keeping existing QA teams and cutting costs. You can expect to learn: * The advantages of manual testing and what should be preserved in the process of switching to automation * We will use live examples and leave time for Q&A session. * PlainSelenium V.S. Codeless Selenium * The notorious maintenance issue and how to overcome it * How to create test scenarios without coding * How AI can be applied to automated tests We will use live examples and leave time for Q&A session Speaker: Dror Todress, CEO and Co-founder of TestCraft Since he founded TestCraft, Dror has met and learned from test executives about their testing challenges and has worked with them on solving those challenges. Dror is an experienced entrepreneur, with a proven ability to recognize a need in the market, create the right solution, and lead the company to success.


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    This is a group for people interested in being truly professional software engineers. It doesn't really matter what language, what methodology, or what kind of environment you work in (big enterprise, startup, open source, etc.). All that matters is that you're interested in getting together now and then (in real life or virtually) to talk about great code and what makes it great.

    BTW, this is broader than just talking about the assertions from the Craftsmanship Manifesto -- it's about the principles behind it: professional software development.

    Too many of us don't get to develop our craft on the job, so in the beginning let's focus on build a small community of people who do care.

    Long term, the goal is to give members the tools (and inspire them) to write amazing code by learning from others, study, mentorship, katas, hands on experience, and open discussion.

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