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Most people still make friends or meet their future partners at work... which kinda sucks for those of us who work from home, or in tiny companies with very few people!

Are you tired of never meeting anyone new? Having water cooler conversations with yourself, or debating politics and TV likes and dislikes with your cat? Is your main stimulation of the working week hearing a new voice on a work telecon??

If so, join this group, which is designed as a gathering place for the serial work-from-home-ers - and basically anyone who finds themselves interacting more with Google news than a real person on a daily basis ;-)

We'll have at least one weekly get-together in the LA area - and hopefully many more if I can persuade people to become assistant organizers! No emails, chats, or 'Webex', just hanging out in person in a variety of laid back venues.

Please note: If you are a 'No Show' at two events - i.e., if you don't update your RSVP beforehand to say you can't attend after all - you will be removed from the group, unless you write to the event host promptly with an explanation and apology. You wouldn't stand up a friend, so don't stand up your event host, whose enjoyment of the event will be spoiled by having to look out for you!

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