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Most people still make friends or meet their future partners at work... which kinda sucks for those of us who work from home, or in tiny companies with very few people!

Are you tired of never meeting anyone new? Having water cooler conversations with yourself, or debating politics and TV likes and dislikes with your cat? Is your main stimulation of the working week hearing a new voice on a work telecon??

If so, join this group, which is designed as a gathering place for the serial work-from-home-ers - and basically anyone who finds themselves interacting more with Google news than a real person on a daily basis ;-)

We'll have at least one weekly get-together in the LA area - and hopefully many more if I can persuade people to become assistant organizers! No emails, chats, or 'Webex', just hanging out in person in a variety of laid back venues.

Please note: If you are a 'No Show' at two events - i.e., if you don't update your RSVP beforehand to say you can't attend after all - you will be removed from the group, unless you write to the event host promptly with an explanation and apology. You wouldn't stand up a friend, so don't stand up your event host, whose enjoyment of the event will be spoiled by having to look out for you!

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Thursday night at The Cellar in Pasadena.

The Cellar: A Wine Library

WHAT IS IT? The Cellar is a very classy but also relaxing 'wine library' with a great selection of wines and amazing cheese and charcuterie plates, plus some other 'small plates' food options. There's an upstairs outdoor area, or a huge downstairs room that feels like a library crossed with a members-only club, which has lots of areas for various sizes of group. HOW WILL I FIND YOU ONCE I'M THERE? I'll be on a sofa in the downstairs room from 6:45pm onwards, wearing a red top and black jeans. Give my name at the entrance if you can't see me and they'll send you over! PLEASE UPDATE YOUR RSVP, AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU'RE COMING LATE! By the time RSVPs close (at 6pm on the day), I'll need to have a good idea of how many people are coming in order to grab a sofa/area with enough room for us all. The smallest areas seat 4 people, the largest more like 20. So please make sure you update your RSVP if your plans change and also please let me know if you can't get there until much later than 7! *As a reminder, anyone who is a 'No Show' twice will be removed from the group.* Apologies are also accepted, of course - we all make mistakes or have emergencies! But when people don't show up, and don't even bother to respond to emails asking if the event host missed seeing them, that's just plain rude ;( HOW DO I FIND THE PLACE? If you park in the structure on the corner of Fair Oaks and Green ("Schoolhouse parking garage") and exit to the North (onto Mercantile Place) I *think* you should be able to enter the upstairs garden just across the street, then walk down the stairs to find us. The entrance from Colorado is hidden inside a building, but if you go to the address (next to the entrance to "Lush" on Colorado Blvd.) you'll see a smartly-dressed person who'll tell you where to go. I'll be in the downstairs area grabbing a sofa for us, but I'll let the person outside know where to find me, so if you give my name they can also direct you :) TIP: when you come downstairs and don't see an entrance (aside from the restrooms), give it a second before you go back upstairs again... ALSO: Sofas downstairs are reserved for groups ordering a bottle of wine or more. I'm sure we'll be fine provided we have at least 3-4 people who want to share a bottle, but if not we can move to a table instead.

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Thursday night at The Cellar in Pasadena.

The Cellar: A Wine Library

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