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Get the Live You Want (#3) - 3rd Tuesdays at NLP-LA in Playa del Rey (SoCal)

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What NLP topics do you want to experience?
You would like to be in control of your own state, wouldn't you?

The topic of this NLP specific May meeting is

Get the Life You Want: The Secrets to Quick and Lasting Life Change with NLP - #3 (May)

Part One : Getting to know your own brain
- Taking your mental inventory

Part Two: Getting over it
- Getting over bad/ negative suggestions

Reference: Richard Bandler book:
Get the Life You Want
Secrets to Quick and Lasting Life Change with NLP
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How do you know that you lived in one location before you lived in another? This is and example of mentally coding time. How do you mentally code time? How do you know that one event occurred before or after another?

What if you imagined that you went back to years when you were young and heard positive suggestions that you believed and were convinced about? This is an example of a way to feel differently about yourself now, and get over bad or negative suggestions that you were hallucinating, isn't it?

These are among the topics that you will experienced when
you will come to the NLP meeting in Playa del Rey.

Experiencing NLP techniques gives you a better understanding
of the principles behind the techniques so that
when you come to this meeting you will
learn how you can make your life more enjoyable.


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Meeting starts at 6:45 -
Topic is Get the Life You Want:
The Secrets to Quick and Lasting Life Change with NLP

NLP specific meetings are at 6:45 PM on 3rd Tuesday of each month in Playa del Rey.

Details of the location are shown to you when you
join the meetup group now (free).
To find the meeting room from outside of the front door of the building - look to the right (South) of the front door along the front of the building.
There should be ample free parking in the Guest Parking (or on the street in front if available)

What else would you like to know about NLP, Hypnosis, Meditation, etc.?
Let me know so we can schedule it [masked];
for example:
What are NLP Communication model, modalities of memory maps, etc.
- why do I care
- how can they enhance my life experiences?
How to resolve negative emotions?
What are NLP Presuppositions and why should I care?

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BRING paper and pencil/ pen for your notes to take with you. See the file section of ( for additional information from this and previous meetings. The experience begins at 6:45.

Cost if FREE except for your valuable time. Donations generously made when you experience value from these meetings. What value are you getting from the meeting? Worth $2? $5? If not, then it is probably not worth your time either, is it?
It might even be a priceless experience.
- See you there for the experience.

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