What we're about

This group is for people who enjoy being involved in spiritual communities but are skeptical of the pseudoscience — or who love the life of the mind but feel there’s something missing from it. We combine both perspectives and aim to bridge the gap with discussion groups, workshops, and lots of chocolate!

The is group is best known for its Cacao Conversations event series, which combines the spiritual rituals of cacao ceremonies with deep intellectual discussion and interpersonal connection. Each event centers on a new conversation topic spanning philosophy, science, spirituality, and social justice. My aim is to recreate those nights where you'd muse about the universe with your college dorm-mates until early in the morning. Activities include eating ceremonial-grade cacao, heart-opening meditations, group and paired discussions, and intimacy-building exercises.

We're open to anybody at all who would like to connect with others on a deep level, both mentally and emotionally.

Past events (6)

Cacao Conversations: Sexual Liberation and Healing

Santa Monica

Cacao Conversations: Gender in Spiritual Spaces

Santa Monica

Cacao Conversations: Writing and Art Sharing

Santa Monica

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