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Q: Why this group?
A: There are lots of ADHD folks out there yet not nearly enough resources or groups to share ideas and connect and feel shared experiences with.

Q: What will the group focus on?
A: In general on helping its membership, specifically in finding systematic ways to address ADHD challenges.

Q: What do you mean by systematic ways?
A: ADHD folks can have follow-through and organizational challenges. Our group can be a laboratory to help address that and find ways that work for ADHD people.

Q: Please be more specific.
A: We can discuss a challenge and a way to address that challenge and ask participants to return the following meeting to share how the tool used to address the challenge and what worked and what didn't.

Q: Yeah?
A: In other words both having the tools and the support to reinforce the tools are approaches that tend to work in addressing systematic challenges.

Q: Tell me more?
A: If you are organizationally challenged there are two things I or other members of the group can help you with. The first is the approach or tool that will help you become organized. The second is the support and accountability expected from your peers in the group to not only tries the approach but stick to it.

Q: Yeah?
A: The sticking to it is a challenge for ADHD folks and having a group that holds them to account and encourages them and tweaks and so forth to get them on their way to more success can make a difference. It's like a cheerleading section that also knows all the tools to help you become the tailor or Computer Programmer or Actor that you always wanted to be?

Q: How is this different from another group?
A: It is different in that the group knows the variables involved with ADHD, can help provide the roadmap to success, and can keep people getting to the finish line.

Q: The finish line?
A: Yes, the finish line is particularly a challenge for an ADHD person.

Q: How so?
A: The effort between first getting exciting at being involved in the process and grinding through the parts you don't feel like doing is extremely hard for an ADHD person. They thrive on high stimulus and some things, in order to finish, are just plain dull and not engaging.

Q: That's true for everyone. What makes ADHD people special?
A: As I said it’s unusually difficult for ADHD to do things that are low stimuli. And doing it without social support is even harder. That doesn't mean that it’s easy for everyone else. One might say that it’s a bit like some things that are easier for some people than other people. But just because others have a similar challenge doesn't mean that the challenge is to the same degree. It simply isn't.

Q: Yeah?
A: So some elements of self-control in some senses is very hard for many ADHD people. A central element of their challenge is known as "executive function."

Q: Tell me more?
A: That's all for now. Thanks for the questions...

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