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Our group just celebrated it's 12 year anniversary and the membership is growing like crazy!

Come join our organized weekly pick-up group that welcomes Flag Football enthusiasts of ALL SKILL LEVELS. We cater to both young and old, guys and gals who are looking to get some exercise while having having fun and meeting great people

This Meet-Up is recommended for adults only. The Organizer reserves the right to decide if a player is too young.

Check out the rules below.  Our goals are simple:  Have fun and to be safe! ...so we've kept things very simple. 


Santa Monica Beach in front of Strand Blvd.  Just North of the 2400 Perry's Cafe.
2400 Ocean Front Walk Santa Monica, CA 90405 
You can't miss our smiling faces...but in case you do, look for cones, flags and footballs!

-------------WHAT TO BRING-------------

- Water / Gatorade / Refreshments
- Sandsocks, in case the sand is hot or you step on something sharp
-We supply the flags, different color jerseys and electronic timers for rushing the quarterbacks


We play 7 on 7 flag football (though if we have a different number of players on any given day we may adjust slightly).
-Start at your own 5 yard line. 4 downs to reach the halfway point & 4 more downs to reach the end zone.
-You can go for 1 or 2 extra points after a touchdown. 1 point from 5 yards out and 2 from 10 yards out. 

-No contact! No tackling! No blocking at the line of scrimmage or down field after a catch. We've seen way to many people get hurt. All blocks will be penalized and the play will be down at the spot of the block. 
-No arguing calls.  We're out here to have fun!
-Defense may rush after 3  count (electronic timer) and will get 1 blitz per 4 downs.
-Quarterback and offense may rush once every 4 downs. 
Our flag football games are meant to be fun for everyone, but also to provide good exercise. Any time you play a sport you take on risk of potential injury and flag football is a risky game - BY PLAYING WITH US YOU ACCEPT ALL LIABILITY FOR INJURIES OF ANY KIND. We just provide the equipment to allow people play the game. Make sure you have your own medical insurance.
DISCLAIMER: Flag football is a dangerous game that can result in serious injury or even death.  We do our best to minimize problems by enforcing no-contact rules, but if you come out and play you are agreeing to the Flag Football waiver at the bottom of this post.
Flag Football Waiver: RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY:  I, for myself, my heirs, next of kin, personal representatives and assigns, hereby release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue the Joel Gross, the Los Angeles Flag Football group, respective administrators, directors, agents, officers, members, volunteers, and employees, other participants, any sponsors, advertisers or its members.  I agree to hold all aforementioned individuals harmless from all liability, loss, claims, demands, possible causes of action, court costs, attorney’s fees and other expenses arising from any lawsuit that may otherwise accrue from any negligence, loss, damage or injury (including death) to my person or property in any way resulting from, or arising from any event or activity, including travel to and from events or activities. ASSUMPTION OF RISK:  I know the risk and danger to myself and property, both from known risk and unanticipated risk, while participating in sports events or activities, and I do so voluntarily and in reliance, not upon the property, equipment, facilities and existing conditions furnished by others, but upon my own judgment and ability, and I thereby assume all risk of loss, damage or injury (including death) to myself and my property from any cause whatsoever and whether or not attributable to the negligence of others.

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