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Kayak Mississippi only wild and scenic river


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This is Easter weekend: We will be leaving Louisville about 7pm Thursday 4/17 and drive (11hrs) De Soto National Forest Mississippi. Friday morning an outfitter will shuttle us for kayak & camping along Black Creek 21 miles over 2 days remote and primitive (no holiday inn) Then Sunday we will drive to Biloxi for a shuttle to Horn Island for and over night primitive camping on the beach (no holiday inn) shuttle will pick us up around noon on Monday for our 11 hrs drive home This trip is not for beginners or the faint of heart. There will be gators, snakes, bugs and many other critters. This is their home and we are visitors. Respect and survivalism required. Black Creek Wilderness is located in the gulf coastal plains of southern Mississippi. Most of this Wilderness, the state's largest, lies in the broad valley of Black Creek, stained a deep caramel color by the tannic acid of decaying vegetation. The creek is Mississippi's only designated Wild and Scenic River (for 21 miles) with the emphasis exclusively on scenic. It bisects the Wilderness, creating a hardwood floodplain of oxbow lakes and thick stands of sweet gum, sweet bay, red maple, oak, pine, and bald cypress. The 5- to 20-foot banks offer plenty of white sandbars suitable for camping or a picnic. You may want to float the meandering creek leisurely paddling your canoe. If the water level is running low, keep an eye out for logs.

Travel to a special place where the main attractions are the unfrequented beaches, beautiful water and clean gulf air. Horn Island is the jewel of the Mississippi barrier islands ... part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Horn Island is dotted with huge sand dunes and pastures of sea oats. High in the trees are the massive stick nests of Ospreys, while the beaches bound with native sea birds. Other indigenous wildlife includes deer, rabbits, alligators, and much, much more.