• Enough is Enough

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    As we enjoy the bounties from working in tech, are we sacrificing our ability to read and think deeply? This talk will bring you along a journey of a big tech product manager who found success by having less in a world of more.

    Speaker: Jon Douglas

    Jon is a senior program manager at Microsoft building developer tools. In his spare time, he likes to lift weights, play basketball, build apps, and perform comedy improv.

  • But It was Logged! Practical Logging & Monitoring with .NET Core

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    .NET Core makes writing log entries a breeze within your applications, however, that is where the out-of-the-box simplicity ends. So you have decorated your code with all of these pretty log messages that are designed to make your life easier, but then what? Have you actually reviewed them? Something bad happened, did it tell you? What about confidential information, have you limited that from being logged?

    Well, this session is designed to help take your logging from ***IMPLEMENTED*** to ***USABLE***. Logging is great, but we have so many questions to answer, including where you store the logs, how you get notifications etc. In this code-focused solution, we explore the following concepts, with detailed examples.

    * Where to log entries to, and flexible configurations
    * Monitoring and escalation of log entries
    * Integration with logging & external assemblies
    * Configuration & build systems with logging

    At the end of the session, attendees should be able to work with logging and exception handling in .NET Core effectively.

    Speaker: Mitchel Sellers

    Mitchel Sellers is globally known as a 12 time Microsoft MVP, an ASPInsider, a DNN MVP, is an MCP (Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET and SQL Server), and CEO of IowaComputerGurus Inc. Sellers has a deep understanding of software development and when speaking focuses on proper architecture standards, performance, stability, security, and overall cost-effectiveness of delivered solutions. This message and his abilities resonate in the technical war room as well as the executive board room.

    Mitchel is a prolific public speaker, presenting more than 400 sessions at user groups and conferences globally, such as DevUp, SDN, and Code PaLOUsa. Sellers has been the author of multiple books and a regular blogger on technology topics.

    Find out more about Sellers at his website http://www.mitchelsellers.com.