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LAF Tech MINI 101 Level Workshop - 7 week Series
Come join us! Attend our 7-part Workshop Series and find your mix of humor! Workshop runs from Oct 2nd - Nov 27th (we will not be meeting Oct 9th) Please note the NEW LOCATION! We'll be at the Helping Hands Corporate Office in Bothell, right on Bothell-Everett Hwy next to their Thrift Store! 19225 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98012 • WEEK 1 - SCENE • WEEK 2 - SOUND • WEEK 3 - STORY • WEEK 4 - SEQUENCE • WEEK 5 - SENSATION • WEEK 6 - SILLY • WEEK 7 - Presentations & Graduation! **THIS IS NOT A FREE WORKSHOP. Please note pricing below:** Our 5th launch of our popular 101 Series Workshop is here! We've finessed the curriculum down to an amazing 7-week Workshop experience and want you to find your mix of humor! Any level of experience is welcome! We will gladly work with a novice, up to an experienced speaker. • We teach people how to rediscover their own mix of humor using "The Six Methods of Humor™," methodology and curriculum. • We train you on how to use these skills to become better presenters, public speakers, business owners, improvisational speakers, or even just become better communicators with friends & loved ones! • We also tackle the personal stuff by creating a safe environment to share, listen, laugh and learn! • End result is you get to gain a level of understanding and confidence with The Six Methods of Humor™! All the while having an amazing time. We always say that students get to "Listen, Laugh, Learn and Try!" Become more like-able, hirable, listenable and profitable today! Entire Workshop / valid only in presale or on launch • $315: Single Workshop / valid anytime with drop-ins • $65:

Helping Hands

19225 Bothell Everett Hwy · Bothell, WA


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WHAT WE DO: In just shy of 3 years, we’ve helped over 300 people learn all or portions of our Six Methods of Humor™ that we train from. It’s a well-known fact that people buy from salespeople they like, socialize, remember and continue to interact with those that use humor and make them laugh. With so much negativity in the media and around us every day, we work hard to provide a fun, safe environment where anyone can learn how to skillfully use methods of humor to improve their personal lives and careers. Whether you’re a presenter, an entrepreneur, or just giving an event toast - say it with humor!

WHY WE DO IT: People struggle everyday to be heard, seen, and acknowledged. Some of the most important messages are overlooked because of lack of entertainment value and are boring. Our Workshops help you uncover and develop your own mix of humor and presentation method. Laughter has many benefits such as confidence and resiliency. We can help improve the atmosphere in any workplace, increase employee satisfaction and potentially increase retention.

WHY YOU SHOULD DO IT: Results can come quickly. Reaching your humor potential will increase profits and success. This will be immediately be noticeable with higher-ranking video presentations and more engaging live events. All of our events are challenging, educational, fun and spirited. Work hard and have fun doing it as you develop the skills to help make you more memorable. All of our sessions are filled with fun improvisational exercises, method-specific education, and direct coaching. Best part, all of our programs have multiple speaking opportunities in front of supportive groups, whether one or many.


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