Malibu Cars and Coffee


After being closed all winter for weather and construction, Malibu C&C is starting up again! I haven't been in a year and a half, so I don't know what kinds of cars have been showing up, but after a 3+ month closure, I'd hope people want to bring out the goodies! This wraps up early, so that'll leave us plenty of time to go on a drive or grab a bite afterward -- I'll leave that open to discussion (and crowd size) at the event. Official websites for the event(s):

Standard C&C rules apply: basically, don't be a dick.
And I don't know if the event is rain or shine (I imagine not), but I'll likely cancel the meetup if it's raining. Ain't nobody wanna deal with that!

The event is free to participate or to attend, and you don't need a "show" car to attend. You're welcome to come wander and look at the cars, no matter what you're driving. If I'm going, though, I'll bring the Bee out. Bzz bzz!