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Calling all jigsaw puzzle lovers!

Whether you're out and proud, or in the closet about with your's time to dust off those puzzles and get these things circulating.

Bring a few of yours, I'll bring a few of mine, and we will all trade/loan/exchange. We should be able to have some fun, save some money, and give our puzzles extended life <3 We can also share tips and tricks, accomplishments (who else can truly appreciate the 1500 piece you did in 3 days?) and maybe even a cup of coffee.

We will set up a date/time/location, and whoever is free can join in! I imagine it will be a table or two at a coffee shop, some people might stay a bit, some might be in and out. Nothing serious.

Bring a puzzle or 4.

Clearly label or write your name and phone/email on it.

Note if there are any missing pieces ;)

It does cost to register on meetup, so anyone wanting to participate and able to can throw $2-3 in a collection at the event.


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