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Geocaching Adventure #2: International Geocaching Day! (And Dinner)

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It's time for another Geocaching adventure! This time, we'll be doing this in the late afternoon on International Geocaching Day. If you have a account, this earns you a special badge on your profile! If we find one, that is.

Last time, we actually found 4 out of the 5 caches we set out to find. The gay geeks were brilliant at it and I'm hoping we'll have the same luck this time around!

Here's the plan: We'll be looking for three caches or so (Eco-cache (, THIS OLD WORLD ( and Across the block (, and have a 4th option (CRASH Library -- Take A Book, Leave A Book (, if people are up for a little walk... We'll meet at the corner of Culver Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue, by the post office, and once we're done with out 'caching, we can head to dinner someplace in Downtown Culver. These caches may be a little more difficult to find than the ones we looked for last time, but even one find is always nice!

Okay, so here's the need-to-know stuff for first-timers. First, I'd recommend anyone that wants to keep doing this get an account at ( If you do, add me (MarvelBoy ( Read up on what Geocaching is just a bit, if this is totally novel to you, too! I will definitely keep hosting Geocaching events in the future.

If you have GPS devices, I recommend you bring them! This includes phones (which is what I'll be using). There are also Geocaching apps on both the Apple and Android markets and those can be helpful, too! Just be sure that, if you download them, they utilize info from and that they can sync/link to your profile.

It all sounds technical and complicated but it really is simple and fun, when you figure out all the basics. See you all there!

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