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Blessing of the Animals at Olvera Street

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Dogs of all faiths are welcome at Olvera Street where the L.A. Cardinal will be blessing animals large and small. This is a time-honored L.A. tradition that began in 1930. Blessings happen all day from 9am to 6pm, but it's the big parade at 2pm that ties it all together. Come join LARPBO for a fun day in the historic pueblo area of Downtown!

Please call Troy at 310-562-7335 if you have any questions.


#1 All Dogs must be on a secure collar and leash or e-collar. Prong collars should be backed up with a carabiner. Short leashes are recommended (less than 6 feet).

#2 PLEASE NO NOSE TO NOSE CONTACT (dog to dog that is). We recommend maintaining a six foot distance.

#3 Please bring doggie poo bags.

#4 Make sure you bring water for you and your dog.

#5 One handler per dog.

*There may be lots of foot traffic, bicyclists, possible other little animals (see description above), and several other dogs. If your dog tends to be reactive to any of these distractions, please be mindful and prepared.

*Please read the full basic LARPBO rules of conduct if you have additional questions in the discussion forum.