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Intro to Arduino and Electronics Class?
LATEST NEWS... I'm offering a $10 discount on the brand-new online version of Learning Arduino and Electronics to LARC members: Learning Arduino Class - $10 Discount - Click Here ( ---- Hello Everyone, Since our last general meeting MONTHS ago our friends at the SBEC have found a new meeting space where we might be able to accommodate a series of small Arduino Classes, etc. (in Torrance near the old SBEC location). I'm posting this open-ended, non specific Meetup just to see how many people would be interested in taking our Intro to Arduino and Electronics class in the next couple of months? Class price would be somewhere around $40 plus about $40 for an Arduino starter kit if you don't have one already. Please only reply here if you're interested in taking such a class. We'll use responses here to gauge interest. Michael

Needs a location