Food for the Homeless (Downtown LA)

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"Volunteer in LA"
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Every week on Friday

Share A Meal (Fridays @ DTLA)

645 New High Street · Los Angeles, CA

How to find us

645 New High Street is north of Cesar E Chavez Ave. If other members sign up, maybe post a comment, or contact each other in advance, and coordinate together on how best to meet one another. Thanks for helping. Have fun!

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I try to spread the word about volunteer opportunities and raise awareness about non-profits/charities that do good work.

This event is from Share A Meal and hosted by Jacquie and her husband, Ravi.


MANY regular/returning and new volunteers help them each week, but I still want to post their meal service so more people can learn about them and participate.

Even if nobody else from this meetup group signs up, they probably will be crowded with others, so please keep that in mind if you decide to go.

If several people show up, they try to get everyone involved, but some waiting/standing might occur.

If possible, please try not to get mad/angry. Hopefully you can meet some nice and friendly people, and talk while waiting for the burritos to finish.


The founders of Share A Meal are awesome.

I'm in awe and admiration of Jacquie & Ravi.

Jacquie -


The following videos show what they're about:


Five nights a week, they give out vegetarian burritos and water to people at different locations.

Monday @ DTLA near Little Tokyo

Tuesday @ Hollywood

Wednesday @ DTLA near USC

Thursday @ Venice

Friday @ DTLA near Olvera St, Union Station, & Chinatown


All ingredients for the vegetarian burritos are provided by Share A Meal.

Volunteers don't bring any food, but they appreciate donations of bottled water.

A few volunteers help inside the food truck and "roll" the burritos.

Once all the burritos are finished and warmed up, they go out to distribute.


If 6:45pm is tough due to work or traffic, arriving later is fine.

Making the burritos is limited to a few people because space inside the food truck is limited.

For passing out the food and water, more people can be accommodated and everyone can get involved.

Note: You all know about traffic. The food truck usually arrives around 6:45pm, but if traffic is bad, they might be a little late. If anyone arrives and they aren't there yet, try waiting a few minutes. The food truck normally arrives by 7:00pm. Thank you for being patient.



Q: Is this safe for women?

A: Answering "Yes" or "No" is not up to me. It's up to you to decide.

I sympathize if anyone feels anxious, afraid, and hesitant.

For this, they go out in groups and nobody should be alone. Many homeless individuals are friendly, grateful, gracious, and appreciative of the food & water.

And believe it or not, sometimes more women volunteer than men.

Their photos are a good indication of who and how many people participate:

Some people might feel uncomfortable going out on the streets at night and interacting with homeless individuals. Distributing is completely voluntary and optional, so please don't feel obligated or pressured. If anyone feels scared or reluctant, feel free to stop and leave at anytime (if it's safe to do so).



Monday @ DTLA -

Tuesday @ Hollywood -

Thursday @ Venice -

Friday @ DTLA -


Jacquie and her husband, Ravi, host this event. One of them is always there. Jacquie might not always check messages/comments via Meetup

So if anyone wants to help, go to

Scroll down and register on their site.

Enter your name and email address and click on "Register"


You can also fill out their registration form via

and email it back to Jacquie via [masked]

She can be busy, so if she doesn't respond, check their FB for updates -


If anybody arrives early, the food truck should eventually show up by 7:00pm. Traffic may cause them to be late.

Wearing comfortable clothes & shoes is recommended. Maybe bring a sweater/jacket if it gets cold at night.

Children can participate with parent supervision/approval. A liability release waiver form needs to be submitted upon arrival.

All ingredients for making the burritos are supplied by them (food truck).

If anyone wants to contribute, they appreciate donations of bottled water.

If parking on a street, please check posted signs/meters.

Public bathrooms may not always be readily available or accessible, so using a restroom before arriving is recommended.


On Friday nights, they meet near 645 New High Street, Los Angeles, 90012

It's not a physical address. The food truck tries to park on New High St, between Cesar E Chavez Ave and Ord St.

It's near Spring St, north of Cesar E Chavez Ave, and west of Alameda St.

Street parking (meters) is available on New High St or adjacent streets in Chinatown. The rate for meters is around 50 cents or $1 an hour. Some meters require payment until 8:00pm, but please check signs & meter to confirm.

If you see a tall apartment building and city hall in the background, then that's probably the right area.

If the food truck arrives late, after 7pm, thank you for your patience.

When I went, the food truck parked on New High Street near "Sunshine Auto Park."

Hopefully the food truck finds a parking spot in this area and is easy to see/find.

After the burritos are finished, they walk around to pass out food and water.


If anyone wants to help on a different weeknight, refer to: