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Hi All,

This group has been around for a long time and had some fantastic meetups. There will be many more. Please join us and plan to attend our meetings as they occur to meet some fellow Brits in a convivial environment. It is a perfect way to make new friends, learn from those who have been in Los Angeles for a while, and enjoy a bit of home and the humour and banter we've all been missing.

We do change a $12 fee per year, just to help defer event costs. Our events are normally no-cost events, unless there is something special and then the fee will be posted. We do not make a profit but we do hope to break even.

Membership is open to all British people and their partners. We are not organized as a dating site and we do not seek industry people. The definition of British is someone who has a British passport. This includes England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Island and various current and former colonies.

Hope to meet you soon!!

LEGAL STUFF - We largely go to restaurants and bars and have the occasional hike and such but there is always the slight risk of harm as in any activity. Persons attending the meetings do so at their own risk.

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