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Join us for an evening of fun, networking, innovative content & strategies to grow your business & network. Thanks to our host, we are offering complimentary admission into our Meetup which is normally $10. We are building a community of leaders who want to make a positive impact in their community and the world. Our community is one of celebration & encouragement. If you've been a member of our group for awhile this will be a great time to invite your friends and bring guests to this event. Come early to mix & mingle and network with like minded individuals. 6:30pm-7pm Networking 7pm-8:30pm Introductions, Training, Interactive Exercises, and Q&A 8:30pm-9pm Wrap up & Mix and Mingle This month's training, you will discover: #1 Trend to Follow to Thrive Over the Next 20 Years 3 Key Elements to Speak with Confidence & Be Seen as a Leader Simplest & Fastest Path to Cash in Making the Money You Want If you don't know Eiji "A.G." Morishita, he will be sharing how he's built a successful Speaking Training Coaching company using just your ears and mouth. His strategies are so effective that many save hours, weeks, months, even years in achieving the income level they want without having to blog, write a book, have a website, design a marketing funnel. Eiji charges $10K to work with him for a day so you will be able to come in pick his brain at absolutely no cost as a gift to the LA Speakers Community. We look forward to seeing you! We have limited seating available. Please share it with your friends on FB & LinkedIn. Thank you!

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    What we're about

    Do you want to become a great speaker?

    Do you believe you have a message that the world needs to hear?

    Do you want to add an extra six figures to your business through speaking?

    Do you want to create your own seminars and events?

    Do you want to start a movement in what you're most passionate about?

    If you answered YES, to any of the above you are in the right place. Welcome to the LA Speaker Meetup - LA Seminar Development, Marketing, & Public Speaking Meetup.

    Our promise to you: Make More Money. Have More Fun. Systematized Step By Step Approach. Close Connected Relationships.

    Who this is for?

    This is ideal for entrepreneurs, coaches, holistic practitioners, authors, speakers, and service professionals who are great at what they do.

    Most people fall in 1 of 3 Levels

    LEVEL 1 (Startup or Transition Phase)

    PROBLEM: You are great at what you do or brand new but haven't figured out how to make a full time living in your business using speaking.

    SOLUTION: Use speaking to add an extra six figures to your business so you can do what you love full time.

    LEVEL 2 (Busy Bee Phase)

    PROBLEM: You make great money however you've lost your time for what's important like travel or family or taking care of yourself. You love what you but it seems your business owns you instead of the other way around.

    SOLUTION: Leverage yourself through speaking events or create packages that leverage your time or does not take any time to deliver.

    LEVEL 3 (Seeking New Mountains to Climb Phase)

    PROBLEM: You make great money and you've leveraged your time but know there's another level out there. You are seeking a new challenge and know that you are here for something greater.

    SOLUTION: Step up and play a bigger game. Set your sights on a new vision to start a movement and leave a lasting legacy.

    Whatever level you are in now, there is a place for you in the meetup.

    We want passionate, action oriented, self motivated, supportive individuals who want to make a difference to co-create the culture of this meetup. The success of the meetups is made up of the enviroment we create with the members.

    The meetup leadership team is made up of speakers, trainers, coaches, business leaders who've run seminars, spoken at universities, TV appearances, movement makers, and have created successful businesses.

    In our meetup, our focus is making the members the stars.

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