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It is the mission of Long Beach Meditation to offer a welcoming space for all to learn the healing arts of meditation and mindfulness. We practice the profound teachings that align with the Buddha’s path to awakening.

Our programs are open to all regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference or identity, creed, or religion. We are committed to diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and community.


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Mindful Yoga

Bay Shore Community Congregational Church

Transitioning from stillness to movement and back again, we pay particular attention to the Buddha's first foundation of mindfulness: Mindfulness of the Body. Come join us for an hour of yoga preceding the Wednesday Sit. These sessions will focus on maintaining awareness of the breath and body during a gentle to moderate level yoga asana practice. After ending with a deep relaxation, you will be left feeling calmed and refreshed. An ideal state for an evening meditation! Parking: There is a city owned lot across Granada. There is also street parking. Important Note: There is a wheelchair ramp to the left of the main entrance. Cost: Free with a suggested donation of $15 to help keep our doors open, compensate teachers, and make classes available for those who cannot afford them. If you would like to join us in this practice of dana or generosity, please consider contributing.

Wednesday Night Meditation

Bay Shore Community Congregational Church

This is our midweek sit and is recommended for experienced meditators - including those who have taken the Beginners' Course, retreat or anyone who has an established meditation practice. There will be a 45 minute silent sit, followed by a peer-led discussion. Everyone is welcome! Parking: There is a city owned lot across Granada, it says No Parking, but only noon Saturday through noon Sunday. Otherwise it's free. There is also street parking. Important Note: There is a wheelchair ramp to the left of the main entrance. There is no charge for the Wednesday Sit. A suggested donation of $10 helps us to keep our doors open, compensate teachers, and make classes available for those unable to afford them.

Sunday Mindfulness Meditation

Bay Shore Community Congregational Church

Everyone is welcome to our main sit where we gather to meditate and have a discussion with our guiding teacher or special guest.Sitting together we find support, guidance and the energy to do the challenging work of awakening. Please join us! See our page for more info: http://www.longbeachmeditation.org/weekly-sits/#/sunday-sit/

Introduction to Meditation

Bay Shore Community Church


Led by Jane Broadwell & Franz Manfredi Learn mindfulness techniques that reduce stress, increase emotional balance, and develop inner strength. You will access the ability to be mindful with less judgement and more stability. Join us for this course to learn how to act from your deepest intentions, rather than from fear, desire, or superficial values. This meditation approach emphasizes direct observation of our present moment to moment experience. Through cultivating mindful attention to our senses, bodies, thoughts, and emotions we can deepen our understanding of the nature of our experience. This allows for more freedom and wisdom areas in which we struggle, while at the same time increasing our capacity to deeply participate in what is joyful in our lives. We will focus on practices that: Bring balance and kindness to thoughts and emotions Tune into the body in a helpful way Cultivate our capacity to be aware with less judgement and more stability Reduce stress and reactivity Dissolve barriers to wisdom and compassion Allow us to act from our deepest intentions rather than from fears, desires and superficial values. Throughout the course we will also introduce simple and effective practices that help us establish stability of mind. This place of calm and ease will serve as a platform for our mindfulness practice, as well as a refuge that can be accessed in daily life. Course Format: Meditation Instruction Weekly Check-in Guided meditations/exercises Q&A with discussion This course establishes and enhances the foundation for any of our weekly sitting groups, courses and retreats, in which we further deepen our mindfulness practices. This six-week course meets 6 consecutive Sundays, 5:15-7:00pm January 13, 20 & 27 and February 3, 10 & 17 $125 Cancellation Refunds are available up to 24 hours before the course. Franz Manfredi is a Community Dharma Leader at Long Beach Meditation whose passion is to share the teachings of the historical Buddha to share the blessings they have created in his own life. He spent his youth studying and practicing Hindu meditation and philosophy, which included several pilgrimages to Bengal, India (where he received tantric initiation and instruction in the Dakshina Kali tradition), and Vrindavan, India (where he received Vaishnava initiation and Mantra meditation instruction). After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in World Music performance (India/Indonesia), Franz started a family in Long Beach where he and his sons live today. For the past five years Franz has made an in-depth study of Early Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation rooted in Theravada Buddhism guided by the teachings of Gil Fronsdal. Jane began her meditation practice at age 19, but was not introduced to Buddhist meditation practices until 2007, when she signed up for a 10-­‐day retreat, not realizing what type of meditation it was! The potential for freedom that Buddhist practice holds became almost immediately apparent to her. In 2010, Victor Byrd encouraged her to do extended silent retreat practice. Since then, she has done four long silent retreats, the longest of which was 11 months. In the course of this practice, she has had the good fortune to study with many remarkable teachers, including Ajahn Succito, Sayadaw Vivekanada, Rodney Smith, Joseph Goldstein, Marcia Rose -­ and quite a few others -­ to all of whom she is profoundly grateful. Jane completed Insight LA’s first Facilitator Training led by Trudy Goodman and other teachers and taught at Insight LA’s Los Feliz location for several years. Last, but by no means least, she continues to benefit from Dr. Victor Byrd’s wisdom and encouragement.

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Guided Mindfulness Meditation - Beginners welcome!

Bay Shore Community Congregational Church

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