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Container Visibility & Security
**Hi Guys, just an update to let you know we will be pushing this meetup to the following week, as we are clashing with the Docker Christmas meetup and we are getting some heat from people wanting to attend both!!! Hope you can still attend!** Join Marc Woolward, CTO of vARMOUR Inc. Marc has over 30 years of experience in mission critical infrastructure and software-defined networks. Marc joined vArmour as CTO in February, 2015. Prior to this role he was a Technology Fellow and the CTO for Networking and Telecommunications at Goldman Sachs. He served as a member of the Technical Advisory Group and as the founder and leader of the Security Working Group within the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). Earlier in his career he managed infrastructure at Cantor Fitzgerald and Coutts & Co. Marc has a decade’s worth of experience architecting and implementing datacenter software automation, and private cloud architectures. "Containers are becoming the preferred method for building and deploying modern software into cloud environments. Since a container doesn't have to load up an operating system, it can be created almost instantly. This speed of spinning up an instance compresses data center response times when an application faces a sudden surge in activity and more resources need to be provisioned immediately. This level of agility is the primary driving force of container adoption. Security is a key consideration in this agile container infrastructure, especially in the runtime environment when security options are limited. When moving from virtualized to container deployments, the density and dynamic nature of the environment increases by an order of magnitude. Containers break applications into base components or microservices so instead of 5 or 6 workloads, the same organization would have 10s to 100s of workloads to manage. Because containers can be instantiated in a matter of seconds, it would make it virtually impossible for traditional firewall-based policy controls to keep up with the changes required to secure them. Doors open at 5.00pm for registration, food and beer. Talk begins at 5:30pm , ending at around 7.00pm for beer!

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