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What we’re about

First an apology to all our members. The meetup app has aggressively deleted all members that did not get dues recorded without sending me any notification. Please re-sign up if you got dropped. I have removed the dues criteria but would still appreciate the annual $5 assistance. The meetup app just sucks at managing this so it will now be all offline.

Welcome to LDS "Not-So-Mid" Singles and "Alumni" of Utah!
This group started in Feb 2013. In that time we have developed strong friendships and some have decided to Marry. Please know up front that we do not cut ties with our friends just because they get married. This means, many of our events will have Alumni couples attending. I will try to designate when an event is limited to only singles.

Ok, so we are not kids anymore. We certainly don't fit into any 20's to 30's group. And sadly, even the "Mid-Singles 31+" events, make us feel old. What to do...what to do? 
Why not join us? We are singles and some married alumi Latter Day Saints, typically between the ages of 45 years young and "still breathing". Chances are, we all will know who Bob Newhart was, watched Laugh In, saw Saturday Night Fever and can sing the lyrics to Hotel California. So let's get together for some social events, outings, physical activities and spiritual programs where we can have fun, feel comfortable in living our Faith, be ourselves and make new friends. There is so much we can see and do as a group of friends here in this beautiful and vibrant area of Utah. Movie theaters, plays, concerts, restaurants, outdoor activities, Temple attendance and on and on. 
We have had activities as far north as Logan and as far south as Payson but generally keep our activities around Ogden and down to Salt Lake. We try to have members arrange carpools when an event is on the opposite end of the valley (some of the funnest times are carpooling with friends and getting to know that small group). If you find an activity that you would like to share with friends, please let me know and we can work out how to set it up.
So, "carpe diem" and come have some fun!
What we are not:  we are not a dating group, but a social group that likes to get together for fun activities.  If members decide to date, that is great.  We have had quite a few successful relationships and marriages come out of this group.  However, first and foremost this group is about getting together with friends.  I would like to add a reminder that if you have not been to an activity or do not know members of the group, please do not reach out asking for dates.  If you have specific questions about an activity or want to coordinate attending, that is encouraged, but please do not randomly reach out to members like a dating site and start asking for personal details. First reach out to the event host or one of the organizers. Do not be contacting random group members. If I get complaints or members feel uncomfortable about any communications, we have in the past had to block individuals that do not treat this group with the respect needed.  Please do not let this happen to you.

Briant (group organizer)

• The guideline is you should be 45 years of age or older. This is only a guideline.  We will not be asking your age but most of our members are early 50's to mid 60's, some in their 70's.  If you are younger, you may not be as comfortable with our activities, but we leave it to each individual to decide if you feel comfortable with us.  From my perspective all ages are invited to check us out.  
Marital STATUS
• You should be legally single or come with your spouse (for Alumni)
• Note - We have had quite a few of our members start successful marriages after being members.  We refer to them as our "Alumni".  We do hold activities where Alumni are encouraged to come join us.  These are typically open activities that do not have a size limit.  Alumni are expected to come with their spouses.

• You are required to have a recognizable picture of yourself posted upon joining along with your real name. (First name only is acceptable, but no fake names). Please contact me, Briant Cummens if you need assistance to have a picture taken. This helps members recognize you when you come to your first event. If you have a significant issue with a picture, please contact me and we can discuss your specific situation but only on a very exception basis will that be cleared.  IF you do not PM me or do not have a picture, or use an obvious fake name your profile will not be approved.  
Frequently, a Meetup will be held up in anticipation of the arrival of a member(s) who have RSVP'd indicating they were going to attend, only to have them fail to do so. This is inconsiderate of the attendees and Event Host(s). Therefore, failure to arrive to an event without changing your RSVP status to "NO" within 2 hours of the event start time OR failure to notify the Organizer, Co-organizer or Event Host(s) via text message, email or a phone call, will be deemed a "NO-SHOW". Two (2) "NO-SHOWS" within a one (1) Month period may cause your membership to be cancelled.  Please be polite and let us know if your plans change.
• We have not collected dues for many years. However we have exceeded 1400 registered members, but only a few hundered are actually active. So, after discussion with a few members, I am going to re-institute $6 annual dues. We will continue to have some larger events where a donation is specifically requested. These dues will be used to cover the $212 annual meetup fee as well as paper products and other necessities for our various activities. I will start with a 30 day trial period and of course, if anyone has a hardship and finds that $6 is too much for what we provide, please contact me and we can discuss your situation.

We will also still have charges for some individual events to cover costs such as a group main dish, decorations or such, but rarely over $5-10. (for example our "annual" RibFest will have an added charge). Most of the time events are free. Any excess funds collected are kept in reserve for future events. Nobody makes money on events; in fact many times hosts will end up putting in much more to cover costs than what is collected. We do put out a donation jar at some events for those that can contribute.  Please be generous in helping.  This group helps so many and we do not want to limit anyone attending, but there are costs.  So, your contributions are appreciated.


• Agreement to abide by all of the Rules of Membership. These can be found on the "Pages" tab.
• As the group organizer, I try to find activities all along the Wasatch Front and beyond. However, if you have an idea for an activity and are willing to put in a little logistics help and hosting, please suggest your ideas and I can get it posted We are always looking for enjoyable events in the area. Anything you have always wanted to do, but do not want to do on your own. We are a fairly adventurous group, so share your ideas, step it up and join in.

We also try to announce Firesides, dances and some community events on this site.  However, it is not comprehensive of all Single activities. If you become aware of additional activities, please let the organizers know and whether you are aware of anyone attending. If we have sufficient notice, we should be able to include these additional events.

Welcome. We look forward to meeting new friends.