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★ It's a Meetup for people interested in ★ Learning to Speak Italian ★ Italian Conversation ★ Italian Lessons ★ Italian Grammar ★ Italian Travel ★ Italian Language and Culture ★ People Who Love to Speak Italian ★ Italian Language ★ Italian Food ★ Italian Food and Culture ★ Italian Culture ★ People interested in Speaking Italian ★ Beginners ★ Intermediate ★ Advanced ★ Maybe you know how to read Italian but have never mastered how to speak it ★ Here's your chance! ★ Maybe you only know how to speak dialect - and want to learn to speak standard Italian. (Did you know that there are 94 dialects in Italy, some closer to Spanish and Arabic or French than standard Italian.) ★ In this group we will only learn standard Italian ★ Maybe you're planning to travel to Italy and wish you could speak some Italian whilst there - mix with the locals, ask for directions etc ★


The focus will be on learning to THINK and SPEAK Italian!!!

If you're an absolute beginner - The Italian Alphabet ★ is always a great place to start! You will learn through videos, audio, music, songs, games and activities. Because of the variety, you are encouraged to learn according to your learning style. Ask the Organiser to identify your learning style at any meetup - it only takes 5 minutes.


The lessons will be specifically designed to teach you how to speak Italian.
Designed by an Italian Native Speaker & University Qualified Graduate with 30+ years experience teaching Beginners. If you want to learn to speak Italian from scratch (or almost if it's been many years & you wish to go over the basics) this meetup group is ideal for you. Learn Italian from a bilingual/native speaker with 30+ years experience.


This meetup requires no previous knowledge of Italian at all as we will start from the absolute basics. The focus will be conversational Italian, ideal for travel or socialising with Italian speakers, here in Sydney and overseas. Though the focus will be on the spoken language, grammatical components will be introduced but in a way that makes them easy to understand. Our very 1st lesson will be on pronunciation and introducing oneself to others.



Some topics we'll cover


• Greetings - formal & informal
• Introducing oneself
• Introducing others
• Numbers - being able to share a mobile/phone number
• Describing oneself
• Talking about your likes & dislikes, leisure activities etc
• Talking about plans you are making for the week, weekend, future
• Talking about what you did last weekend/week/month/year
• Months - Sharing your birthday and others birthday
• Days of the week - Describing a typical day - am- pm, both weekday/weekend
• Telling the time in Italian
• Asking others how they feel & expressing how you feel
• Describing others
• Everyday expressions like What a day!
• Everyday idiomatic phrases - I can't wait to ....
• Cultural differences in language + Italian gestures




• Speaking on the phone in Italy
• Introducing yourself in Italy
• Asking Directions, saying Excuse me
• Please and Thank you rules
• Booking table in a restaurant
• Ordering coffee & a meal in Italy
• Booking a hotel
• Catching Public Transport




• Pronunciation
• Alphabet
• Articles
• Nouns, Gender & Number
• Adjectives
• Prepositions
• Pronouns
• Verbs & verb tenses: an introduction• Adverbs
• Idiomatic Expressions in everyday Italian
• Italian Gestures & Cultural Differences



Here's what one past student had to say:
"Enza, your approach to teaching is exactly the approach I have been looking for. Having tried several times to learn the 'other way'. Your insight regarding the power of daily repetition and focus was a great personal reminder for me. I really look forward to mastering this second language." ~Dina

The focus will be on learning to think and speak Italian!

Learn on your own at home (free online course) or join formal lessons
Whatever you choose, come along to the social get togethers and practice what you have learned!

Ciao ... Below you will see a picture of me so you can recognise me.

This photo was taken during my recent trip to Italy, in Rome ...


Here are some of the places I visited and maybe you can visit in the future
More photos inside






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