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Mabon Harvest Celebration
GREETINGS. We will be meeting to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox and we experience a day and night of equal duration. Mother Nature is for the moment in balance, and Mabon marks the middle of harvest. It is a time to reap what you have sown, of giving thanks for the harvest and the bounty the earth provides. It is a time for finishing up old projects and plans and planting seeds for new enterprises or a change in lifestyle. Come out and join the group and make new friends and see your old ones. Have a harvest meal or brew with us and talk about a season of joyful new beginnings. Lady Morgana Avallone, HPS, Organizer Hawthorne, HP, Co-organizer

Bacchus Restaurant

4 S Chestnut St · New Paltz, NY

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Welcome to this witches meetup which is especially focused on the Goddess Hekate and her history. We will be doing rituals in Her honor and networking with those dedicated to her service. If you are in a coven or work solitary and have a special resonance to Hekate, please join us at our upcoming events.

We are always looking to meet our brother and sister witches who are devotees of this now popular Goddess and hope you will be inclined to attend our gatherings in the metro area and upstate Hudson Valley.

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Hail Hekate,

Lady Morgana, HPS/Organizer

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