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This is a group for both certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators and friends to share and experience first-hand this powerful hands-on, minds-on methodology for business strategy. We are looking forward to meeting new LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® enthusiasts to develop LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® understanding, to explore new applications for this amazing business tool and to play...seriously!


1. We don't work for LEGO® Group and claim no ownership of the brilliant ideas LEGO® created. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is owned by the LEGO® Group, who maintains all intellectual property rights.

[Also read: Trademark guidelines/LEGO® IP rights (http://seriousplaypro.com/docs/LSP_Trademark_Guidelines.pdf)]

2. We take lots of pictures and record videos during our MeetUp. We may publish them on meetup.com and other social media platforms or offline materials for marketing purposes.

By joining one of our meetups, we assume that you have read these lines and agree. If you want us to remove pictures/videos showing you, please email us at Mihaela.Danciu@Business-Insight.ro.


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is one of the most thought-provoking tools for business strategy: from leading innovation to accelerated change, building strategic agility for a fast-moving world, fostering diversity, exploring organizational identity to building passionate, 100% engaged teams.

Still a novelty on the Romanian market, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a very mature consultancy tool, with a proven track-record worldwide. For 15 years now, this 3D facilitated thinking, communication and problem-solving methodology has been successfully employed by some of the most notorious organisations in the world.

Among them: NASA, UNICEF, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Orange, Vodafone, Oracle, Fujitsu, Unicredit Bank, World Bank, Toyota, Nissan Motors, Ferrari, Honeywell, Airbus, Bosch, BASF, FedEx, LEGO Group, MasterCard, Hilton, SAB Miller, Coca-Cola, MIT Media Labs, IMD, Pfizer, Roche, P&G, Unilever.


- Creating lean-in meetings. Instead of being absent-minded and leaning-back, participants get to be active and contribute 100%.

- Unlocking new knowledge, thanks to: 1) hands-brain connection, 2) activation of both sides of the brain, 3) accessing the unconscious mind, 4) thinking in 3D, and 5) 360º view.

- Psychological Flow - participants are are fully immersed in their work, driven by energized focus and enjoyment.

- Breaking habitual thinking - participants think differently and see new patterns that lead to surprising solutions.

- 100% engagement - a shift from “a sit-back-and-be-told“ culture to a “making-and-doing“ culture.

- Cognitive-emotional alignment - both on individual and group level, resulting in a positive course of action.

- Tapping into the human ability to imagine, describe and make sense of a situation, to initiate change or to create something new.

- Using the collective intelligence in the room to discover solutions to complex problems, efficient decision-making and understanding complex adaptive systems with emergent properties.

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