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A LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop is a group activity led by a certified facilitator. The LSP method uses a highly engaging, hands-on process that can lead to a range of valuable outcomes including increased commitment and the discovery of shared guiding principles within your team, and a deeper understanding of your organisations position within a complex and dynamic landscape.

This short workshop is intended as an introduction to the method and a demonstration of the powerful insight that can be gained when using LEGO® to build, share and reflect. For the full LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® experience it is recommended to book a session of 1-2 days.

Participants are invited from any group that may benefit from committing to a full LSP workshop, from multi-national businesses to startups, NGOs and educational institutions. If there is a need for better dialogue, increased innovation and clearer strategy within your organisation, our trained facilitators are waiting to hear from you.

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