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The time has come for our first gathering and we'll be treated to two wonderful presentations by two seasoned managers.

From Talkdesk, Rui Andrade will tell us about Myers-Briggs personality types and how to use them as a management tool.

From SUSE, João Cavalheiro will share his knowledge on how to create and manage remote teams.


19:00 - Doors open and everything else follows


"Totally Networked Team" by João Cavalheiro (

"Remote work in Engineering is a growing trend. Companies that are embracing it learned that communication, decision making, social interaction and leadership strategies had to change. Very often, those cultural changes end up contributing to general improvements in management, information clarity and knowledge sharing. This is my story about how a global team, working from multiple time zones, can enter a state of flow and be highly productive."

"Do you know your team?" by Rui Andrade (

"The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is one of the tools commonly used to build a personality profile that allows you to understand the psychological preferences of each individual across several traits. This tool will allow you to better understand others' personality based on solid psychological, biological, sociological and managerial foundations. This will enable you to develop a better knowledge of yourself and the world around you.
With this kind of information, you can easily make decisions on how to structure teams and how to help each of their members reach their full potential.
You'll be able to assign the right people to the right tasks, avoid personality clashes, make a group of people work as a team, and more."


This meetup will be sponsored by Olisipo, who will not only make their offices available to us but also make sure that we don't starve while we're sharing knowledge.

Olisipo has several offices, but this particular meetup will be held close to Gare do Oriente; here's a photo of the building so you don't miss it:


Do note that there are only 30 seats available. Please register soon and make sure you're coming.