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Where is the July LETHAL Meetup?

I pushed the July LETHAL meeting back due to BSidesLV, BlackHat, and Def Con. With so much coming up, we are going to take a break for this month. We'll be back for August and share all the things we learned at these conferences!

Want to Talk? We Need Speakers!

If you are interested in presenting, message me and let's get you on the books. If you love LETHAL and want to see it continue to grow, we need your support.

LETHAL Meetup:

Our next monthly meetup will be on August 30th, 2015. We are in need of speakers. You don't have to be an expert as we are looking for two beginner (101) talks and two advanced talks. Remember that this group can't survive without your support, so if you are learning something, share it with the group.

=========Current Speaker List=========

Topic: Blackhat/Def Con 2015 Recap
Speaker: Peter
Description: Everything you need to know about BH/DC

Topic: The Art of Financial Manipulation
Speaker: John
Description: What happens when a government thinks you did something wrong? Did you start a file sharing service that people use to send information that people claim to have copyright to? The government will freeze your assets and bank accounts making it difficult to get fair representation and a legal team to help your case. We've seen this time and time again with such cases as Kim Dot Com. This talk explores ways (including Bitcoin, Hawala, Asset Protection, Corporations, etc. ) to maneuver assets and money into ways that protect an individual from a suppressive government or regime.

Topic: All Your Documents are Belong to Us - Exploiting document databases with NoSqlMap
Speaker: Philipe
Description: In this talk we'll do a live demo of NoSQLMap and talk generally about NoSQL injection attacks

Topic: Intro to Lock Picking
Speaker: John
Description: Get the 101 on how to pick locks and what tools you need

=========Current Speaker List=========


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Hackers Asking For Help! Booking these rooms do cost quite a lot of money. Any donations to keep this group going will help out tremendously. These donations will go straight back into our community. You can click the link below to donate via Paypal:

*If everyone can donate[masked] bucks, that would help out tremendously for the room reservation/food.