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Loving Groups is a world movement for understanding and acceptance. Join us and be part of the movement! The next evolution of society depends on the revolution of its consciousness!

“The Connection” A Community Center

Love Awakens Hearts and Transforms Lives

We are a non-profit organization with the vision of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Our mission is to assist people to build a practical foundation of understanding, compassion, and healing that will lead to a new self-awareness that enables different life choices. We strive to build this foundation in individuals and communities as a whole. We desire to bring families closer together, enrich people’s lives, and ultimately make the world a better place. We hold space where you can rest your heart and ave your soul replenished! ~ since 2005!

Loving Groups.org

Building conscious loving relationships, family, and community.

Vision Statement

Develop conscious & loving relationships with ourselves

And the community at large

Mission Statement

We build loving community one person at a time

Our Vision

Building conscious loving relationships, family, and community!

The quality of our lives is directly proportionate to the quality of our feeling of love and belonging. By relating to others with consciousness and compassion, we are well equipped to address the many causes of the discontentment, loneliness and isolation so many people feel today. Our vision for “The Connection” is to be a soft place to land with our core offerings of free support groups that creates a ripple of connection and well-being in our own community and beyond. Extending from there to create an educational environment of self- improvement and empowerment through classes, art, music and dance.

What we do here at the Connection:

· Bringing professional and lay persons together for community growth.

· To create a space where growth, healing and connection can occur.

Bring affordable classes to the masses.

Offer a place to have a cup of coffee or tea free of charge and talk to a host who can “hold space for the person feeling empty, alone or afraid. A place where practitioners can practice their skills in presentation and helping others.

Offer Free support groups daily. Offer classes from professionals in the community:- All classes will be $10.00 each across the board. Professional workshops will be more.

Self-defense Finances and retirement

Social security planning Dance classes

Ecstatic dance Meditation classes

Yoga Guest speakers on Sunday mornings

Art Classes Vision boarding

Classes for new Mommies to network Dating and relationship workshops

Adult Coloring Reiki classes Mindfullness classes

Energy healing Music meditation nights

Kids’ reading time Ballroom dance nights

Nutrition classes Yoga Mommy and me

Chiropractic wellness and acupuncture education Holiday Parties

Craft nights Book studies

Goddess Groups Grace and Gratitude Groups

Arts exhibit nights Community Potlucks and family games nights

Home movies nights just like at home with the family

Twister nights Body Stretch classes Business classes

Offer a place where business people can promote their business and give back at the same time. Rental space for workshops or other events. Free wedding service. Space rental - Minister on staff (Sharon Winningham)

If you have any life skill that you can teach for people to live more fully, be educated, inspired or live to their potential, please email TheConnection.Phoenix@gmail.com for more information.

“The Connection” Community Center is a safe, open-hearted community for those seeking less stress and greater fulfillment in their everyday lives. The soft landing place to spend time. We bring together masters and professionals in various disciplines and others involved in the healing arts to provide a holistic range of modalities, treatments, love and education. Our aim is allow a space where people can learn to live to their fullest expression of their individual expression of love and perfection. We introduce simple, time-proven practices, techniques and experiences that transform and enhance lives, both individually and collectively.

If you have an idea to express or would like to be on our event teams, volunteer or fundraise, contact Sharon Winningham 602-405-0144. If you would like to propose a class please, send for our application results.roses@cox.net



www.loving-groups.org (http://www.loving-groups.org/)

Phone: 602-405-0144


· Bring together professional and lay persons together for community growth.

· To create a space where growth, healing and connection can occur.

If you have something to offer email us at TheConnection.Phoenix@gmail.com

Sharon Winningham, ULLC Life Coach, Founder

Contact Us

Sharon Winningham


16641 N 19th Place Phoenix, AZ 850226



Sharon’s Website http://www.sharonwinningham.com


The opinions, advice, and counsel provided by Sharon Winningham and the team of ULLC’s/Certified Hosts/Volunteers are not to be used as a substitute for medical attention, diagnosis, or treatment, or for other professional mental health or medical services. Volunteers will not be held liable for the use that anyone might make of the information or advice given.

While all of our coaches/Hosts/Volunteers will always exercise every available resource to help the Clients/Attendees meet their life goals, the Clients/attendees may not achieve these goals during or after private coaching sessions, classes, workshops or free groups. The Clients/attendees acknowledge that deciding how to incorporate the advice offered by Our ULLC’s/Hosts/Volunteers and implementing those choices, are exclusively their responsibility. The Clients/attendees take full responsibility for any and all actions resulting from coaching/attending and will not hold their coach/host/volunteer liable for the any failure to achieve his/her personal, professional, spiritual, or any other form of life goals.

Upcoming events (5+)

"Choices for Happiness"

The Connection A Community Center

"Choices for Happiness" Meditation and Connection with a Life Coach! Are you living the joyful expression of life that you were meant to live? Happiness is a practice. Every week we'll share and discuss a different aspect of happiness. Week one: What is Happiness? Love Donations accepted Drop in, leave as you wish. We offer coffee, tea and cold filtered water. Start Date January 15, 2019 Every week on Tuesday afternoons 1-5 PM 1:00pm Doors Open 1:30pm Mindfulness Meditation 1:45pm - 2:30pm Choices for Happiness, sharing, and discussion. 2:30pm - 3:30pm Coaching opportunity-As a life and wellness coach, I am here to support you, with acceptance and positive perspective. All donations and proceeds go to The Connection/loving-groups.org Suggested Love Offering $5-20 About Elaine Reed A life-long learner, Elaine’s philosophy is, we are not done, as long, as we have life. We are still in the process of becoming. From humble beginnings, the oldest of eight children, her life has had its adversities including two failed marriages. The joys and challenges of being a single mother, with a career. Achieving a bachelors’ degree, in psychology, opened and expanded her world view, to see and include life’s challenges, as choices and gifts for growth and wisdom. Nothing prepares you better for life than life itself. As she drifted through her life for many years, she began to understand a simple-truth. To be successful we need hope, a positive perspective, and help in the form of inspiration. Personal growth and inspiration is fulfillment of the work Elaine has done her whole life…while doing the other jobs and careers life brought to her. “My role as a life coach is to support you with acceptance, while helping you to process life’s challenges, as you are learning new perspectives, self-knowledge and self-empowerment.” New Choices, New Actions Program With Elaine Reed Are you determined to create the life you have only dreamed about? By making new choices in life, you will take new actions that will bring about the changes you’ve always desired. • Create more loving relationships. • Live life as a peaceful adventure. • Achieve balance that is made manageable by the tools you will receive through our work together. • Heal reactionary behaviors that do not serve you. • Build in positive responses to your life and to your loved ones. • Embrace what matters and be genuinely happier While working together each week for 10 weeks, you will receive my help getting clarity on changes, accountability and goalsetting, expertise, and compassionate support. Meetings will be conducted via Zoom online. Each meeting will be 45 minutes to one hour long. BONUS - additional support through access to the Loving Groups Conferences weekly. 10 weeks from now, you can have life make changes to you or you can make the changes you desire. Make the first choice to make the best change in your life. [masked][masked]https://www.meetup.com/gatheringforhopeandinspiration/

Mid-week Relief Night - Relax, Recharge, Refocus!

The Connection A Community Center

"Mid-week Relief Night - Relax, Recharge, Refocus!" (Drop In Meditation and Connecting) with Josette Bergeron, Master Integrative Life Coach and ULLC Wednesdays: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM Mid-Week Relief! Relax, Recharge & Refocus Open Hours - Drop In and Leave as you wish Every Wednesday: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM Love Donations accepted 5:00pm Doors open 5:15pm RELAX with Guided Meditation 5:30 - 6:30pm Open Meditation with live cello, music or bowls 6:30 RECHARGE with Sharing, holding, and connecting time 7:00 REFOCUS with Integrative Master Life Coach Josette Bergeron for easy conversation, answers to your questions, and the invitation to learn more about how Josette can support you on your journey! Welcome to your Mid-week Relief Night! I invite you to come enjoy calm, accepting, fortifying space held just for you at The Connection on Wednesday nights. We serve complimentary hot tea, coffee, and cold filtered water. There is no fee, however donations are accepted through all forms of payment, and go directly to Loving-Groups.org. I will offer a 10-15 minute guided mediation, followed by a full hour of protected calm meditative space where you can sit or lie down comfortably while I play my cello, Tibetan prayer bowls, or other beautiful meditative music. Sitting mats and chairs provided. You can bring a yoga mat if you like. Then we can visit with each other, sharing experience, strength, hopes, and fears. I will be present to support you with acceptance, acknowledgment, validation, and some coaching if appropriate and desired. I could be available to hold you in a safe space, or suggest further resources for connecting and growing. I may offer a light lesson relevant to our group mood. What do you need? What will help you on your journey? I'm here for you! Learn more about your Host for Mid-week Relief Nights at her website www.ImagineLoveInstead.com About your life coach: Josette Bergeron, Master Integrative Life Coach and ULLC, started Imagine Love Instead in 2016. Her coaching practice is founded on principles of unconditional love and acceptance, and the empowerment to take full responsibility for ourselves emotionally. Her most popular offerings use playful Inner Child work to reveal deeper fears and hopes, to integrate the fractured parts of Self and reprogram the subconscious with affirming beliefs. She provides tools and insight that inspire and support spiritual seekers to allow obstacles to happiness to dissolve and move forward into more satisfying, successful lives. She is direct and assertive, expressive, and fierce. Her passion is engaging people to express their own deepest feelings, fears, hopes, and desires – and working with them to identify the source of their fears and shift into new enthusiasm, focused energy, and more effective practices. Josette serves others as an educator, facilitator, prayer chaplain, blessing-giver, coordinator, counselor, sponsor and speaker. Her communities have included many faith traditions, people in recovery, mental health patients, homeless women and children, social activist collectives, counter-cultural communes, artists, musicians, and countless punk rockers. She is a classically trained cellist, visual artist, writer, performer, and trivia buff. She started college early at 15 years old, and found mentors who challenged and inspired her to walk her own path, often against tradition. She has lived and traveled all over the country. She enjoys painting, creating mixed-media art, and playing punk and heavy metal on her cello. She loves riding motorcycles and trying new dive restaurants with her partner. Find out more about her at www.ImagineLoveInstead.comand join her free Meetup Group at www.Meetup.com/ImagineLoveInstead .

Kids Movie time - Free Each week

The Connection A Community Center

Animation movie time for kids. Each week they can come in a watch a movie, while mom's can sit up front and breathe and have a cup of coffee! It's ok to bring in snacks and drinks.

Coed Loving Support Group, The Connection (Free) Sharon Winningham, Host

The Connection A Community Center

This is a Co-ed Group Men and Women are welcome! Two hour meetings, friends gather together to practice giving and receiving unconditional love while learning practical ways to improve all of our relationships. No prior experience or level of participation is necessary. This is a drop in, no charge, no participation required experience. The host is trained in facilitating the group based on Unconditional Loving principles. Vision for our Loving Groups: “We gather to awaken hearts to unconditional Love and to transform lives.” Your Host: Sharon Winningham,[masked] Dee will host as long as she is not called to work. As back up the host will be David Clark LOVE OFFERINGS ACCEPTED Suggested love offering $3-5.00 but not necessary The Connection is a 501 (c) 3 offering free to paid support You can find all our resources at www.loving.groups.org or [masked]

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Mid-week Relief Night - Relax, Recharge, Refocus!

The Connection A Community Center

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