Asheville Pride 12 Week Summer Bowling League!

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The Asheville Pride Bowling League proudly invites you to participate in our 3rd Summer Bowling League! Asheville Pride started 3 summers ago with a small group of 7 teams and grew to 14 teams this past September!

The summer season consists of only 12 weeks. It’s a laid back fun league consisting of 4 team members. We are a LGBT league and friends. We bowl 3 games each week. The bowling center provides the bowling shoes and bowling ball if you need them and bowling costs only $13 each week. The cost goes to pay for the cost of the bowling and the rest goes into our prize fun where money is awarded back to our bowlers.

This is a fun league where all skill levels are encouraged to participate. Bad bowlers and good bowlers bowl together to have a good time and make new friends - and you will be surprised how your bowling skills and bowling average will improve with practice!

Every bowler is responsible for 12 weeks of bowling. If you are unable to bowl one week, we do allow substitutes to bowl for you. You can find a substitute to bowl or sometimes we have subs available who are looking to bowl. We also allow pre-bowling which allows you to bowl when lanes are available prior to our Tuesday league. You can get more information about this from a league officer. This is a non sanctioned league and no sanction fees are required.

We have approximately 300 Meet-up members, so I know a lot of you reading this have joined our group but have never bowled with us. I’m not sure exactly why we don’t have more bowlers participate because we certainly have a great time and all of us have made new lifetime friends. Why don’t you join us for this short 12 week summer season and find out what we are all about!

You can form a whole 4 member team, bring a partner or just show up alone - we will find you a team! Leave me a message and ask any questions you have or let me know you want to sign up!

Also, check out our fabulously successful fun Facebook page for lots of information about our league to include lots of photos and videos. Just type in - Asheville Pride Bowling Organization

Come bowl with us this summer - we start Tuesday May 21st and Bowling only lasts 12 weeks - what are you waiting for!?