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What we’re about

Do you have a passion for spiritual growth, social justice, friendship, and comradery? Are you an LGBTQ+ Catholic or ally? Are you looking for a place where prayer is exhilarating, not depressing and mournful? We're the community of DignityHouston, and we're glad you've found us! We invite you to find a place of faith and welcome seeking out these pursuits and experiences. 

Dignity offers a sacred space where LGBTQ+ Catholics and allies can connect, form a network of support for a faith-filled life, and claim the wholeness and holiness that comes from seeing sexuality as integral to human spirituality. Join us in celebrating the freedom found in meeting the Lord who invites us to be ourselves while entering more deeply into a life of love and service. At Dignity, all are welcome.

Every Saturday at 5:30 PM, we have lay-led worship that draws on the Mass every Catholic knows, but enriches it with the wealth of the LGBTQ+ experience, casually discussing the readings and the ways that they speak to us as LGBTQ Catholics.

Experience for yourself why DignityHouston is THE empowering and peaceful home for Houston's LGBTQ+ Catholics. We are located at The Havens Center, just west of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church (and next to the Chocolate Bar)!

1827 W. Alabama Houston, TX 77098

Houston, TX 77006

(832) 390-4453

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