Hi all, does anyone have an LGBT-friendly primary care provider or ob/gyn in the Kaiser network? Any tips would be much appreciated!

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  • Thank you Jens-- this is very helpful! I will look into the providers you mentioned.

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        Check out Radiant Health Centers OC formerly AIDS Services Foundation. They are expanding and should have doctors available (:

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          • I’m not with kaiser but I ALWAYS pick my doctors based on yelp. I read the reviews and specifically look for women talking about how comfortable they felt and how welcoming the doctor is. I’ve always had good luck with this. It can be awkward trying to figure out how to tell the doctor we are sexually active with the same sex and no we don’t need birth control lol. I’ve luckily had all my lady doctors take it well when I’ve told them. They usually start talking about fertility doctors haha. Good luck to you!

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