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A social group for those in the LGBT community to meet up for cultural pursuits - high culture or low! Theatre, Concerts, Gigs, Musicals, Opera, Dance, Film, Art, Photography, Exhibitions, Galleries, Museums, Historic houses, London history, Food (or other) Festivals, and anything else of a cultural bent.

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Lorenzo Lotto: Free exhibition @ The National Gallery

The National Gallery

Last chance to see this fascinating (and FREE!) show which brings together some outstanding portraits from the career of Italian Renaissance painting Lorenzo Lotto. A rough contemporary of the more famous Titian, Lotto combined the rich coloration of the Venetian artworld with a warmth and psychological perceptiveness entirely his own. I thought a Friday late opening would be a good opportunity to soak up these gorgeous masterpieces in a (hopefully!) relaxed atmosphere with some fellow art lovers. The exhibition takes place in the Ground Floor exhibition space: once inside the Gallery, follow the signs up through the main building then back down towards the cafe. We'll meet by the Espresso Bar (NOT the main cafe) which is just across from the show entrance. We'll meet again afterwards (an 1hour should be more than enough) and for anyone who wants a chat and a drink - alcoholic or otherwise - we can head on to a nearby pub. Venue tbc.

The Last Tsar: Blood and Revolution (Science Museum)

Science Museum London - South Kensington

Join me to see this exhibition. It's free, but you have to book a place at 18:45, as they limit the number of people allowed in. Book here: https://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/see-and-do/last-tsar-blood-and-revolution We'll meet outside the exhibition (Science Museum, level 2, near the gallery café) at 18:40 and go in together. The exhibition is in one biggish room, and before/afterwards you're free to wander through the museum wherever you wish. We'll meet up again outside the museum on Exhibition Road at 8pm, and go together to a nearby pub. ---------------------------------------- Explore the extraordinary lives and deaths of Tsar Nicholas II and his family and go behind the scenes to uncover the science behind one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century. Rulers of a sixth of the surface of the Earth, the last imperial monarchs of Russia, the Romanovs, enjoyed lives that glittered with unimaginable wealth and power—but the family mysteriously disappeared in 1918. Set against a turbulent backdrop of social upheaval and war between 1900 and 1918, this fascinating exhibition will explore the huge influence of medicine on the imperial family during this period, from the young Tsarevich Alexei’s haemophilia B—a rare blood condition passed down from Queen Victoria—to the Tsarina’s mental health, and the influence of doctors as well as spiritual advisers including the infamous mystic Rasputin. Discover the private lives of the Tsar and Tsarina and their children through unique artefacts, documents and photographs never before on public display in the UK, examine the crime scene and learn more about the advances in medical and forensic science which would transform the investigation into their brutal deaths. This is the story of the century-long investigation into one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century.

The Sun: Living with Our Star (Science Museum)

Science Museum London - South Kensington

Join me to see this exhibition. Price is £6.75 (without donation) - half price because it's at a Science Museum Late. Book here at 18:45, or as close as you can get: https://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/see-and-do/the-sun-living-with-our-star We'll meet outside the exhibition (Science Museum, level 1, near "Challenge of Materials" gallery) at 18:40 and go in together. Before and/or afterwards you're free to wander through the museum wherever you wish. We'll meet up again outside the museum on Exhibition Road at 8pm, and go together to a nearby pub. ---------------------------------------- Discover the incredible story of our closest star—the Sun—through fun hands-on experiences, unique objects, and stunning imagery in our latest exhibition. Set at the centre of our solar system, the Sun’s brilliant light shapes our sense of time, our health and our environment. People have tried to harness its power and uncover its secrets since the dawn of civilisation. From 3,000-year-old artefacts to upcoming space missions and even a nuclear fusion reactor, our new exhibition takes you on a visual, action-packed journey that brings the science of the Sun to life. Bask in sunlight on an indoor beach, try on historic sunglasses in a digital mirror, and watch the Sun rise around the world on a huge illuminated display as you explore the fascinating story of humankind’s relationship with our closest star.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year (Natural History Museum)

Natural History Museum,

Join me to see this exhibition. Tickets are £15 (concessions available), and you should buy one at 15:45 (or as near as you can get) here: http://www.nhm.ac.uk/visit/exhibitions/wildlife-photographer-of-the-year.html We'll meet outside the entrance to the exhibition at 15:40. Afterwards we'll go to a pub together. ----------------------------------------- Now in its fifty-fourth year, Wildlife Photographer of the Year showcases extraordinary animal behaviour and the breathtaking diversity of life on Earth. Explore the world's best nature photography, exhibited on 100 exquisite light panels. Experience the changing face of nature and uncover the surprising, and sometimes challenging, stories behind the photographs. Chosen from over 45,000 entries by expert judges, the images were awarded for their creativity, originality and technical excellence.

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Astronomy Photographer of the Year (Maritime Museum)

National Maritime Museum

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