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Welcome Adventurers!

This group's goal is to create an INCLUSIVE gaming community that is a safe place for LGBTQIA+ people and their Straight Allies to enjoy Dungeons and Dragons and other Role Play Games (Dungeon Crawl Classics, Modern Age, and so many more).

All participants must adhere to the Safe Space Code of Conduct listed below and on our ABOUT page. People interested in being a Dungeon Master/Game Master/ Story Teller in this group please review the Discussion Board posting for new DM's, the DM's Guide.

Facebook: We also have a facebook group so its easier to share D&D and, Role Playing Game info and articles, etc., think about joining that too please.


We are also one of the Founding community partners of the RPG ALLIANCE CONVENTION held every year in Calgary during the month of November. This convention has local Game Masters running whatever game system they want. Check out their website and/or facebook group.

This year its ONLINE and PLAYER tickets go on sale live Oct 31, 2020, HALLOWEEN.

https://tabletop.events/conventions/rpg-alliance-con-2020-november-21-22 (https://tabletop.events/conventions/rpg-alliance-con-2020:-november-21-22)



COVID-19 (March 15/2020): Yes its time for us to talk about the coronavirus pandemic... how to respond when social distancing is a key strategy in prevention? This is what we're doing:

1) We created a DISCORD Server under the RPG Alliance Banner (open to all affiliated meetups), for us to play in using the voice chat game rooms. Please join up and anyone who wants to help as an Admin would be really welcome. This may take time to build as an active server so again all help is welcome.


2) We also created a ROLL20 account under the RPG Alliance banner ;(open to all affiliated meetups), and with the pro subscription for those Game Masters who don't have their own account, we can set up a limited amount of games on this account for virtual tabletop play. Contact vicster to set you up a game.

https://app.roll20.ne... (https://app.roll20.net/users/5339621/rpg-alliance)


**Safe Space rules for everyone: No drugs. Alcohol has its own policy listed below. No abusive behaviour. No sexual violence or sexual harassment. If we have teens in the group then we will keep it PG, this is not a pick-up group it’s a gaming group, if there is a conflict between players then the Dungeon Master will arbitrate, if there is a conflict with the Dungeon Master, then the Organizer will arbitrate. A Safe Space is a place where anyone can relax and be able to fully express, without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or unsafe on account of biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, cultural background, religious affiliation, age, or physical or mental ability. A place where the rules guard each person’s self-respect and dignity and strongly encourage everyone to respect others. Sound good? Right on, Right on.

CODE of CONDUCT: (Borrowed from the Adventurers League)


All D&D Participants are here to have fun and should ALWAYS feel safe and included. All participants (players, Dungeon Masters, and organizers) are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

- Participants must conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to the enjoyment and safety of others at the event.
- Avoid excessively vulgar, sexual, or overly mature language and themes.
- Follow the DMs lead, avoid arguing with the DM or other players over rules.
- Let other players speak, avoid talking over others.
- Avoid excessive cross-talk that is not relevant to the adventure being played.
- Allow other players to get attention from the DM.
- Discourage others from using social media to bully, shame, or intimidate other participants.
- Avoid phone conversations at the table.
- If you must take a call, please excuse yourself from the table until your call is completed.
- No tolerance is given for theft or aggressive behavior.
- Theft and aggressive behavior are grounds for immediate removal from the play area and the premises.
- Aggressive behavior includes threats of or actual physical aggression, using racial, gender, or cultural slurs against another participant, and otherwise harassing other participants.

Participants who feel as though they are in an unsafe environment should notify the organizer of the event immediately. Participants noticing disruptive behavior should make those responsible for the behavior aware of their actions. If a participant feels uncomfortable bringing it to the attention of the disruptive individual, the participant should notify the Dungeon Master or Organizer of the event immediately. The Dungeon Master has the right to ask a disruptive player to leave the table and speak with the organizer.
The Organizer has the right to remove a disruptive or aggressive player or Dungeon Master from the play area or premises or meet up group.



Alcohol Policy: Sept 18, 2019

Thanks to everyone who commented in our August 2019 Discussion topic on removing the ban on alcohol use at games.

We discovered that one size fits all policy won’t work in this case and as many of you said we are all adults. However, if there are any issues the Meetup’s Organizer will have final arbitration in the matter and if safety is a concern. Hopefully, we’ll never have that happen if we all work together.

So going forward the choice will be left to each Gaming Group to decide TOGETHER, with the Game Master having a veto if they don’t feel comfortable with alcohol at their table. This respects the wishes and the effort that your Game Master has put into running a fun game. By the same token a Game Master can’t ignore the players if they wish to exclude alcohol. Collaborative story telling is collaborative boundary making too.

Most of the Game Masters who run campaigns can have this discussion once and it’s done, but those Game Masters who have drop-in/play test games will need to have this discussion at the beginning of their game and establish a communal consensus.

What does that look like? Well we would cautious against the majority rules approach because it stomps over the minority, who are people whose boundaries need to be respected as fellow humans. We would encourage defining the boundaries by beginning with those that you folks brought up in the discussion: No to Wasted/Yes to Responsible (Chris H.), No to under aged drinking or over the legal limit for driving/Yes to moderate consumption (Brent K.), and the Safe Space Code of Conduct is maintained. With good boundaries that you have defined together as a group will make everyone can feel comfortable. Also INVITE players who may be shy expressing their opinion to talk with the Game Master alone, or even have a brief conversations with each player and poll them in private so you don’t risk anyone begrudging or belittling someone’s opinion.

Ultimately, alcohol is not necessary to gaming. So if there is any impasse or lack of consensus then just don’t bring alcohol into the game. It’s a nice add-on but if it causes any stress to anyone in your game, it’s really isn’t worth the hassle.


Safety Policy: The Conversation begins with our leadership, the Game Masters

Jian had a good point, we need to do a better job at discussing the Safe Space Code of Conduct and the Safety Tools each Game Master has in their game at the start of every session and when we have new players so that everyone is on the same page.

Again if you have an ongoing campaign with the same recurring players, then you only really need to do this once and whenever issues arise. If this is a drop in/play test then likely you need to do it each time so EVERYONE is one the same page as far as expectations. It saves hassle down the road when everyone at the table understands the boundaries of the group.

We’ve set up a Safety Tool folder on our google drive where there are resources for all of you on safety tools: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y4RsqzzafaqHPjIt1ZTiL8gNq54mnD8e

The Monte Cook’s Consent in Gaming and the TTRPG Safety Toolkit (Thank you to Matt Hayles for this fine resource).

In partnership with the RPG Alliance Convention (https://www.facebook.com/groups/rpgalliancecalgary/), we have X-cards being made up and can provide these to you for free, just contact us at lgbtqia.allies.meetup@gmail.com or the message the organizer here on Meetup. These X-Cards include our Safe Space Code of Conduct on them so it’s a very cool card to hand out to players and save you time.

Remember We ALL want to be respected as humans, to feel safe as individuals and have fun as a group of people playing a game together.

Thanks everyone!

Vicki aka vicster

Gaming Stores: Remember its important that we support our FLGS (Friendly Local Games Stores), as they help us grow our community.

And we love Gamer Sundays at Dickens Pub in Calgary (the burgers are awesome)! https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=dick... (https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=dickens%20pub%20calgary)


Some helpful links:

D&D Player's Handbook 5th Edition: Check your Local Game Store.

D&D Basic Rules 5th Edition:


D&D Characters sheets and Pre-generated characters:


How to Play D&D YouTube:


How to create a character:



Upcoming events (2)

D&D 5E Queer Questing

Online event

STORY HOOK LEVEL 8: Beginner Friendly!

Dyke Night D&D is leveling up to Queer Questing Night. This is a mini-campaign, run once a month, where the adventurers will test themselves against one of the classic D&D dungeons.

Returning Players please level up to Level 8 using Roll20's charactermancer as per this helpful and short video


We follow the Safe Space Code of Conduct on the ABOUT page of this meetup and use the X-card as a safety tool.

Sometimes we need a defined space to call our own to feel safe in. This is a pro-LGBTQIA+ series for both queer players and their queer characters, Allies are welcome.


We are using our sister meetup, the RPG Alliance's accounts on Roll20 and DISCORD, both are FREE to use.

1) Sign up for a FREE account and then Log into Roll20 (link below), JOIN the game, and once you are IN the game I can assign you a character sheet and you can input your basic data to ease dice rolling. We will spend a few minutes at game start teaching those new to Roll20 some basic functions. **It is really easy, especially if you input your character to the character sheet in roll20**

Roll 20 game link upon request:

2) Then create an free account on DISCORD, log in, and click on this link to join the RPG Alliance server
Once on the server join the Game 2 Voice Chat, with the UNICORN EMOJI.

*** We suggest you do all of this a few days BEFORE GAME DAY, that way if you have any problems you can contact the DM/GM in the comments to help you.***

a) Check if you have your PUSH to TALK setting on, see how to do that here:


b) CHECK YOUR MIC: On the bottom left side of your Discord window you see your avatar mic and GEAR icon for your USER SETTING, click on the Gear, now you're in your user settings window, on the left click on voice and video, now your in that window and will see a MIC TEST section, click the LETS TEST button and start talking, if nothing happens then you need to check you microphone setting on your computer itself. Make sure your mic is turned ON.

c) SWITCH the Discord you are using, there are three ways to sue Discord: the BROWSER (recommend Google chrome or firefox), the COMPUTER APP you download, or the Cell phone app (android and iphone). Please have all of these ready in case you need to SWITCH. I don't now why but when one craps out then usually the others will work.

d) To enter VOICE chat , go to left side of the screen see RPG ALLIANCE, look down , pass Text Channel to VOICE CHANNELS, you will see GENERAL, click on that and your Avatar should appear, try talking and a green light flashes around your avatar when Discord pick up your mic.
Sometimes you have to switch which version of Discord you are signing in with: the Browser or the App, and that will fix the problem, don’t ask me why. Worst case scenario, download Discord on your cell phone and use that.

EXPERIENCED D&D 5E: ICEWIND DALE Session 6 - closed group

Sorry all - I am now closing this group to new attendees as we have a group of core players who have been attending these past 5 sessions.

However if anyone drops out will open the group back up.

- Third Saturday of the every month 6:30 to 10:30PM - PLEASE NOTE THE TIME - this game will start at 6:30PM!

- This is for the player who has had some experience playing D&D 5E or playing online (more like intermediate level). The focus is to get amore experience with playing an ongoing campaign type game online.

- This is a SAFE SPACE EVENT and we use the X-card as a safety tool. SEXUAL VIOLENCE is strictly prohibited.

- Warnings: adult language will likely happen. This is an 18+ Game. Anyone who has played with me knows I swear like a fisher monger's wife.

- Everyone is welcome and this is a pro-LGBTQIA+ series for both queer players and their queer characters.

- Please pm Marie with your questions.


BEGINNER PLAYERS (DM Vicster): Signup is on the main page. If you have little or no experience then please join Victser's game.



1) Sign up for a FREE account on Roll20 (link below):


The click on Roll 20 game link which is visible once you RSVP to the Event (Right side Event Menu).

We will use ROLL20 for the VOICE CHAT.

We recommend you use a laptop or computer (Tablets just are too small and suck on Roll20). And use either GOOGLE CHROME or FIREFOX as your browser.

Please invest in a headset with a Microphone. You will thank me later.

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