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(31/05/2021 - For The Latest Update On The Coronavirus Pandemic Please Read Further Below.)

WELCOME to the largest, most active, and friendliest real-world queer vegan group on the planet outside of a global pandemic (probably!). This group exists as a hub for creating fun, inclusive, and safe events for people who identify as vegan and LGBT+, and for their friends and supporters. We are continually increasing the number of members and event organisers, and when not in a global pandemic we regularly have a wide variety of different events that are suitable for vegans and LGBT+ folks.

If you live in London or just pass through occasionally, we want you to be a part of our queer vegan world. Come along to our events, make new friends, and enjoy the best of queer and vegan London!

Your ideas for events are welcome (please read further below for more details).

See you at our get togethers!

LGBT+ = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Non-binary/Gender Fluid/Gender Queer, Asexual, Aromantic, Demisexual, Pansexual, etc. This group is only for adults.



Sorry folks, but here we go again.........

The Covid-19 pandemic in the UK had been improving recently, but there is now another 'variant of concern' (the so called Indian variant) which is beginning to spread throughout most of the UK. It seems that this more transmissible form of the coronavirus is likely to surge rapidly over the next few weeks, and some cautious observers are recommending that restrictions should be re-imposed in order to limit the harm and potential deaths caused by it's spread.

It's possible that the high rate of covid vaccinations in the UK may reduce the harmful impact of the new surge, but this won't be known until it's too late to do anything about it, and therefore caution and pre-emptive action to limit the surge is the most sensible way forward.

To avoid fueling the new surge and to keep people safe, the group will continue to be cautious by pausing real world events for now, particularly for indoor events such as at restaurants/pubs/bars etc, which are a much higher risk.

There have so far been a large number of deaths and many more have suffered directly from the virus in the UK. Whether you believe the virus is real, a hoax, a conspiracy, caused by aliens, or 'a trivial disease that's no worse than the flu', it is safer and kinder to be cautious in order to avoid any further potential harm and deaths. As such, this group will follow the evidence and scientific reasoning to reduce the risk to members and others.

The LGBT+ Vegans London group will act in a responsible and caring manner, putting the health and well-being of its members and non-members at the heart of it's conduct, and we will continue to follow all reasonable health guidance and restrictions to limit the spread and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, please take a look at the online events that are listed on the group's meetup webpages.

Hopefully, once the pandemic is under control and safer days are with us, we will once again meet up for fab vegan nibbles, friendly conversations, laughter, and fun.

Until then, please look after yourselves and stay safe. By protecting yourself you will protect others.




RESPECT: We are an inclusive group and as such we welcome everyone, regardless of gender, race, skin colour, nationality, sexuality, age, appearance, disability/ability, health, social and economic situation, etc. We do not tolerate any form of hate or abuse at our events, on our meetup group, or on any other social media we may use. Any members who are disrespectful, abusive, aggressive, bullying, gaslighting, intimidating, threatening, harassing, hateful, bigoted, sexist, racist, ageist, fascistic, or intolerant will be removed from the group.

VEGAN FOOD & DRINK: Even though you don't need to identify as vegan to be part of this group, we ask everyone to respect that we are meeting as vegans, so please ensure that you only eat vegan food and drink at our events.

PRIVACY: The right to privacy is a very important and fundamental human right and as such we ask that you respect other member's privacy. In this age of social media giants such as facebook, and other mega-sized internet monsters, there has been deliberately cultivated a culture of disrespecting and invading that right to privacy. Some people are very open about themselves and others are more private. Please therefore respect each other's choice and level of privacy, and try not to be offended if a person you are open to does not reciprocate, as that is their right.

OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA: The LGBT+ Vegans London meetup group is only on the meetup platform. We do not currently use any other social media such as facebook, whatsapp groups, instagram, twitter, etc. If we decide to use another social media platform then we will mention it here. If you come across or are contacted by anyone saying otherwise, then it is definitely not our group. Accept no imitations! We are the genuine leading queer vegan social group in London.

IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA FOR AN EVENT; & MARKETING/ADVERTISING: If you have a genuine idea for an event that may be of interest to the group then you are welcome to let us know. If it's suitable and one of our event organisers is interested in hosting the event then we will gladly make it a group event. If you want to send us information related to the marketing/advertising of a product or service then unfortunately we are unable to forward such information to our members. This is because Meetup has strict rules on sending marketing/advertising spam to members. Many members already complain about the number of legitimate messages they receive through Meetup, so it's important that we respect this and keep the number of messages to a minimum. If you have sent a message to the group's organisers then please be patient for a reply. Sometimes messages can be missed or overlooked, and if this has happened to you then please send another message to get our attention.

DONATIONS ARE WELCOME!: We very much welcome voluntary donations from members to help contribute to the cost of using Meetup. Meetup charges a regular subscription fee for hosting a group, which is currently nearly £100 for six months including VAT, and depends on the exchange rate at the time of payment (the last six monthly payment was £97.72). If you are able to donate to help pay for these fees, no matter how small (or large!), then please get in touch. At the group's events we endeavour to ask attendees to voluntarily donate £1 or more if they are able to, although the amounts collected are currently not enough to pay for the group's fees.

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