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I have to step down from DM'ing for a while. My work schedule has recently changed, and I'm now going to be going in on weekends for last minute ops. I'm never sure when they're gonna call me in, so that makes it hard to have regular sessions. I'll be leaving the discord active so feel free to schedule sessions amongst yourselves! I may try to join in as a player on occasion, but for now, I can't commit to hosting sessions.


LGBTQ+ inclusive tabletop RPG group. (Click read more to learn about what we play!)

Right now our group is currently playing D&D fifth edition. Due to the pandemic, we are using roll20 as a virtual tabletop and discord for voice chat.


I've established rules for voice chat etiquette, RSVP etiquette, and more. Before RSVP'ing, please take a look at the rules here: https://www.meetup.com/LGBTQ-RPG-Group-Space-Coast/messages/boards/thread/52750210


New players are welcome! I'm doing shared campaigns, which means most sessions are one-shots, so there's no pressure to attend every session, but we'd love to have you!

To get started, just RSVP to one of the sessions. I'll reach out to you about creating a character and making accounts on Roll20 and discord. If you're brand new to D&D, feel free to just watch/listen in if you want to meet everyone, see what D&D is all about, and learn how to play without the pressure of actually having to play haha. I know getting set-up can kinda be overwhelming, so feel free to take it slow and just hang out with us :)

I've created a guide that provides a basic overview of D&D, how to learn to play, how to use Roll20 and discord, and how to create a character here: https://www.meetup.com/LGBTQ-RPG-Group-Space-Coast/messages/boards/thread/53094971/#132869213

More resources for playing D&D and using Roll20: https://www.meetup.com/LGBTQ-RPG-Group-Space-Coast/messages/boards/thread/52750203

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