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LGBTQ Santa Fe is an events and activities Meetup group intended for all LGBTQ people in and around Santa Fe. A strong majority of event and activity postings will be events and activities in and very near Santa Fe, but a few events in nearby towns and cities will be considered for posting, such as in Albuquerque, Taos, or Los Alamos.

LGBTQ folk are: lesbians, gays, bisexuals (and bi-amorous folk), transgender, queer (and questioning). We are also officially supportive of polyamorous people in general, but our group is an LGBTQ one which is very much welcoming to LGBTQ polyamorous people.

The events and activities to be posted in this Meetup group will be very diverse. We will have a special emphasis on outdoor activities of most any kind, but also a plethora of indoor activities and events.

Examples will be:

Outdoors: hiking, camping, backpacking, sports events (e.g., volleyball, Frisbee, soccer...), potluck picnics, horseback riding, boating, rafting, etc....

Indoors: bowling, movies, pool & billiards, dining out, potluck dinners & lunches, roller & ice skating, board games, men's groups, women's groups, etc....

All of our members are invited to submit proposed event descriptions--including important details like date, time, location--to our leadership team (James & Kevin to begin with), and we expect few will ever be rejected. All members are welcome to apply to join our leadership team (a very informal process involving meeting for tea or coffee and some casual conversation). We will empower most or all of our leadership team with the ability to post events and activities (their own or others') directly and without permission from others in the leadership.

Many of our events and activities will be welcoming toward all LGBTQ folks, while some events and activities will be specifically designed for, e.g., gay men, lesbian women, transgender folk, bi men and/or women..., you get the idea. We believe that COMPLETE inclusivity includes allowances for exclusivity at times -- provided all acts of exclusion are fitting with our spirit of kindness and love for all of our LGBTQ folk.

Just to be very clear, it's okay to have hikes for just gay men, or lesbian women, or bi men and women, etc., in this Meetup group. It will happen. And we will also have events and activites that welcome all LGBTQ folk together under the same rainbow.


Rules for the use of this Meetup website:

It didn't seem necessary until today (10/15/18) to post rules for the use of this Meetup website. But today somebody posted some unwanted sexual content. So we're letting you all know that no references to sex, sexual organs, or such like is allowed in here, and posting such unwanted content will result in deletion of that content and banning of the person who posted it. Use common sense, folks. This is not a sex site! It's a social gathering forum.

On a rare occasion, perhaps, some mention of sex will be allowed in event postings by official event hosts or organizers, such as a "Sexual health presentation" or " ... discussion". So we're not banning all mention of sex, we're banning inappropriate sexual innuendo. The site moderators will make that call.

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