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We are looking for LGBTQIA sci-fi and speculative fiction nerds to read and discuss books!
The books do not have to have queer themes or characters they just be good sci-fi/fantasy/horror/genre. Each person on the crew can propose books, with a simple description and image of the cover, and we will choose as a group what we want to read. We will meet to hang out and discuss once a month. Its a pretty casual atmosphere and very welcoming.

If you want to hear about it we were featured on the NY Public Library Podcast, you can check it out here:

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Parable of the Sower: June LGBTQIA Sci-Fi Book Crew Meetup

Join us June 30th for a discussion on Octavia Butler's classic: The Parable of the Sower. "In 2025, with the world descending into madness and anarchy, one woman begins a fateful journey toward a better future." A dystopian novel that hits close to home, Parable of the Sower as a series of diary entries young girl with special abilities, Lauren Olamina, as she journeys from a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles seeking safety. Her vision of a better future in Butler's vivid depiction of a crumbled World gives this novel it's power. Zoom link will be sent to RSVP's the Monday before the event.

Exhalation:Stories- July LGBTQIA Sci-Fi Book Crew Meetup

Join us July 28th to discuss Ted Chiang's stunning new collection of short stories. "This much-anticipated second collection of stories is signature Ted Chiang, full of revelatory ideas and deeply sympathetic characters... In this fantastical and elegant collection, Ted Chiang wrestles with the oldest questions on earth—What is the nature of the universe? What does it mean to be human?—and ones that no one else has even imagined. And, each in its own way, the stories prove that complex and thoughtful science fiction can rise to new heights of beauty, meaning, and compassion." (GoodReads) "Chiang again presents elaborate thought experiments in narrative modes that initially seem familiar. Contemporary issues relating to bioethics, virtual reality, free will and determinism, time travel, and the uses of robotic forms of A.I. are addressed in plain, forthright prose. If Chiang’s stories can strike us as riddles, concerned with asking rather than with answering difficult questions, there is little ambiguity about his language." (New Yorker) Virtual Meeting link will be sent to RSVPs the Monday before the meetup. Thank you!

Docile: August LGBTQIA Sci-Fi Book Crew Meetup

Online event

Join us August 25th for a discussion about Docile by K. M. Szpara. "Docile is a science fiction parable about love and sex, wealth and debt, abuse and power, a challenging tour de force that at turns seduces and startles." (Goodreads) Set in the not-too-distant future, in a World where class and debt have run amok leading to drastic government action. People can sign themselves over as Docile's to erase their family's debt. Enter Elisha who is chosen as a Docile by the wealthy Alex. Both struggle with their position- the violence and passion it evokes between them. "Szpara walks this fine line of consent, flirting with the boundary between caring and cruelty, probing what defines manipulation in relationships. He asks the reader to consider the distinction between what you want and what you are supposed to want, who you are and who others expect you to be. Where Szpara truly excels in his writing, though, is with the tension, the dissonance, in the ideas he explores and implores the reader to explore with him." (The Nerd Daily) Virtual Meeting link will be sent to all RSVPs the Monday before this discussion. Weather- and Pandemic- permitting we may add a second meetup for August in Prospect Park!

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