Huntington, NY

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Jan 4, 2007


Hello! I'm one of the organizers of LI-DOG. I own two Goldens and my goal is to help make Long Island a great place to own a dog--with many dog-friendly parks and beaches to go with our dogs and meet other dog owners and THEIR dogs.

Tell us about your dog -- name, breed, and age

Amber, Golden Retriever, 6 years old Gus, Golden Retriever, 5 years old

Tell us your favorite Long Island location for off-leash recreation.

Coindre Hall, even though it's not an official off-leash area, yet. But, really, all the Suffolk County parks with big dog owner populations--Blydenburgh, Gardiners, West Hills--are great places to go with the dogs.

Tell us what other fun activities you enjoy with your dog.

Going to dog parks, walking on trails with our dogs, walking our dogs in Huntington Village