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Meet other local friendly people interested in discussing ideas about personal growth, spirituality and metaphysics. Turning the sour lemon elements in our lives into lemonade, lemon ices, lemon chiffon, lemon meringue... Yes that implies facing the unpleasantness, looking & evaluating the problem. Embracing it and then utilizing/transforming it to enhance your life. Instead of being stagnant and boring by avoiding the lemons. There are many creative ways to personal growth and exploring metaphysics. Finding a life coach or a therapist or psychiatrist or support group. Supplementing it with slow walk thru nature, viewing thought provoking documentaries/ movies. Listening to music that matches our emotions at the moment as a co-self expression. Treating yourself kindly, take yourself out to a comedy show, take yourself on a guided vacation to a place that intrigues you. Volunteer one day at various organizations, a soup kitchen, a nature trail clean up, a docent at a museum, man the phones for a fundraiser or hotline.

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Psychic Fair and Craft/Gift show

Radisson Hotel Hauppauge-Long Island

Psychic Fair and Craft/Gift Show

Huntington Hilton

Dinner with Psychics!

L.I. Pour House Grill BBQ Restaurant

Psychic Fair and Gift and Craft Show

Huntington Hilton

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