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Feeling like doing something but haven't got anything organized? Fancy a walk or a bite to eat or a movie a bit later today - you're going to do it anyway - and wouldn't mind some company? Saturday morning and you suddenly feel like an unplanned or overnight visit to the countryside today?

If you're like me, I often get the feeling that I want to do something or get out and about but don't have anything planned. The usual options, go for a walk, cafe, pub etc are fine and probably what I will do, but what would make it better is a little pleasant company.

Maybe I want to do something socially that doesn't involve alcohol (is such a thing even possible?!!?) like actually go to that museum or gallery I've been meaning to go to ... for the last 10 years ... well, here's the opportunity to 'GET OUT THERE AND DO IT!' with the possibility of some pleasant company and maybe even new friendships.

If you don't get responses to your activity - 'DO IT ANYWAY!' - you may have people join you at the last minute or even after you've started. If not never mind, at least you've been out there and done that instead of lurking about at home. People may join you next time, or the time after that, what's important is that you are out there 'GETTING IT DONE!'

Anything that you want to do - are probably going to do anyway - in an hour or later this afternoon / evening - tomorrow - later this week ... and would like some pleasant company, just list it here and others might feel inspired to join you!



Don't worry if you're not in Coventry. If you are in another town, keep checking in and posting ideas, more people will join and eventually we will build 'AT SHORT NOTICE' Communities in your Hometown. We're starting local with the aim of going global. You may want to let others in your local town meetup groups know about this one.


There will always be 'EVENTS' posted for the week to come. If you want to do something (a walk, a coffee, a pub lunch etc.) post it as a comment under the Event for that day - If you want to do it today, post it under today's 'EVENT', if tomorrow then tomorrow's 'EVENT'.

When you post an activity, make sure you give enough information, and how to contact you to arrange a meeting place and time and whether you want to communicate by comment replies / sms / mobile - Some may not want to give out their mobile number - use comments / replies until you know the other person / people. I will set up a whatsapp or similar for this group so that meeting places and times can be arranged with ease.

If you post an activity, or are interested in doing something that day - click yourself as attending that days 'EVENT' so that you get notifications and emails whenever someone posts in that days 'EVENT'. The best format to use in your post is for the first line:

YOURTOWN - TIME - LOCATION (In [ALL CAPS] to make it easier to find activities in your town while scrolling through comments.

For the location, you can post the website url of the place or the +location feature in googlemaps (in the sidebar) eg - 9FVH+QF Coventry - will show you a location in googlemaps.


Please be aware of and take your usual precautions for your personal well-being and safety.

If you have a health condition, be aware that members of this group are not necessarily health professionals and may not be able to respond appropriately to a health emergency.

It is NOT recommended that you post an activity with your location and time if it is at a place where there are few other people around or you are likely to be alone and/or it is late at night.

In this case it is recommended that you post an interest in doing an activity and only share the actual details (specific location / time) when a member of this group, that you know, responds to your activity. In that case only share the details by phone/sms or other private method of communication.


Don't give up! We are a very very young Meetup group, and although we are growing and people think it's a great idea we will only grow and thrive if we make it happen. Don't be disheartened if your first few posts don't get any takers - remember what we said - 'you were going to do it anyway, and wouldn't mind some pleasant company' - so post it here, and DO IT ANYWAY! You may have people join you for that coffee or movie at the last minute, so don't give up.

Remember that The Mighty Oak starts off as a tiny Acorn, and the Amazon is made up only of tiny raindrops!

Keep watching for more info, updates, tips and techniques.


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