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London is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world, yet it is also one of the loneliest places to live. We are surrounded by people all the time but with more people using the phones and other devices, we are losing our ability to connect with one another.

It seems that everyone in London is career focused and the main social events revolve around drinking with work colleagues. By the time the weekend comes around do you have things planned or are you too tired to do anything? Even being in a crowd can feel lonely and the people you really want to see are just too busy.

Social anxiety is also something that talked about a lot. If you want to go and meet new people but you suffer from anxiety, it is really hard. If it is all work and no play, then what is the point of living in London? When you have a poor social life it can lead to isolation, fatigue, depression and low self esteem. People often put off the social life development by indulging in box sets and using social media to keep in contact with people they never see in person. If you want to learn how to really connect with new people, then this is the event for you.

In this group you going Learn ;

• Main sources of Social Anxiety and what to do about it

• How to pro-actively take charge of your social life

• Where to find where the people you really want to be with go, and how to approach them

• How to maintain social circles

• How social dynamics really work

• How to plan your social life and boost your self esteem

• Why first impressions are so important and how to make the best one

This group is for married people, single people, new-in-towners, and people who have been in the London area for a while and are simply looking for a new group to go out with. Membership is FREE, and you only have to be friendly and fun to join!

We host a regular-occurring happy hour where we raise money for various local charities (all voluntary donations).

“Let's get together for affordable Events In Central London.
This is a group for anyone interested in bringing more happiness and improving there Lifestyle.

We'll will do every week different events .

Look forward to meet u guys.

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Club Night -How We Made It - Secrets To Monetising Your Speaking-Limited Tickets

Speaker Express London Speaker Express is all about learning how to gain more brand visibility through speaking, getting on more stages & growing your business in the process. Tickets: £18 online/£25 on the door if any Left.. Click the Link to book Your Ticket- https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BUHBE9TY4E8LA Speaking skills are far beyond toys and cash – a few months invested in training and you gain presentation, pitching & speaking confidence that stays with you for life. We run monthly Boardroom sessions, a 2 Day Creating your Signature Talk training, a 3-month Speaking Kickstarter, a 6-month Professional Speaking Accelerator and a Next Level, all about building a speaking business. The Speaker Express Approach Speaker Express does public speaking & pitch training in an experiential way so you can develop clarity on communicating your brand and vision to influence your audience and those investors. Everyone can overcome nerves and be confident in front of even large audiences. Our approach is a high-impact educational training practice. It’s a learner-centered approach that gets you off your chair, out of your comfort zone, actively involved and responsible for your progress in a safe environment. This training format guarantees an immediate and noticeable difference in your communication approach What people say about Speaker Express: 'The Speaker Express training has been life changing. Before I'd even finished the 6-month course I had given 2 talks and sold from the stage. I was blown away that it so quickly. Not only that but I enjoyed my talks!' - Samantha Dunnage - The High Achiever's Coach 'The structures and tools that I learnt at the trainings - from how to sell without being pushy, to how to make an impactful entrance on stage, to emotional story telling, bringing powerful stage archetypes into my talks, anchoring, improvisation, MC skills and way more - set me up to be a great speaker. I now speak at least once a week on different stages, I have speaking agents and get paid directly for speaking now too, rather than just using speaking as a marketing tool for my coaching business.' - Harriet Waley-Cohen - Wellbeing Coach 'After being part of the Speaker Express Accelerator programme I now get finally paid higher fees and more importantly have great self-belief in my delivery and content. This has opened doors for my business and created real opportunities to leverage my knowledge with a clear ROI.' - Ash Taylor - Business Growth Consultant 'When I wanted to take my public speaking to the next level I joined Speaker Express. Even though I´m a seasoned speaker, I keep learning something new every time and perfecting my skills at every training.' - Erlend Bakke, International Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur and Speaker Doors open at 6.30 pm – event starts at 7 pm sharp. We run a monthly Club Night, a Boardroom Session and a 3 or 6-month Speaking Accelerator Programme. If you have a bigger vision for yourself or running your own business then come along and learn how to take your speaking and confidence to the next level. Connect: We always have new people attending so the event can get very busy. Please ask us how to get the most out of your evening. Tickets: £18 online/£25 on the door if any Left.. Click the Link to book Your Ticket- https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BUHBE9TY4E8LA

Archetypes, Dreams & Trauma: A Day on Depth Psychology- Limited Tickets

Birkbeck, University of London

Details ''Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.'' C.G. Jung ____________________________________________________________________________________________ **Please note: this is a ticketed event. RSVP on meetup will not get access on the day.** For tickets, please click here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-day-on-depth-psychology-tickets-53539048736?aff=KanuKaushal&afu=262874962403 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Why do you do what you do? Are you really in control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour? Or are there elements beneath the surface that are really running the show? The depth psychologists; Freud, Jung and Adler, helped us understand that much of what we do is shaped by the unconscious, and that our conscious mind (the ego) is just the tip of the iceberg. Crucially, they also developed methods for working with the unconscious and making its contents conscious, to improve our self awareness and give us greater freedom in our lives. But are their theories and approaches still credible, given what recent developments in neuroscience have since revealed about the human mind? In this series of talks, we’ll explore the key ideas of Freud, Jung and Adler, and examine them in light of modern, scientific research. Attendees will learn: - Sigmund Freud’s theories of the unconscious; are dreams really the 'royal road' to the unconscious? - Alfred Adler and trauma-informed psychotherapy; how do traumatic events in early life affect you in later years? And how can you best heal from them? - Carl Jung and the archetypes; what are the key archetypes you should be aware of? Why are they so powerful in influencing behaviour? And how do these ancient, motivational systems affect you in the modern world? You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how these ideas can improve your own emotional intelligence, but also your ability to help others too. For information on the lectures & speakers, and tickets, please see: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-day-on-depth-psychology-tickets-53539048736?aff=KanuKaushal&afu=262874962403 **Please note: this is a ticketed event. RSVP on meetup will not get access on the day.**


Details Please Notice We have lot of people coming from other Meet up & We have Limited Tickets. Have you ever wanted to go from fear to total confidence, but you just find that something is stopping you? In this two hour talk, Harley Street therapist, Christopher Paul Jones will give you the life changing ‘mind tools’ that will help you understand how and why fear is stopping you, and give you the power to do something about it. Tickets online -8 pound and on door 15 pound if any Left. Please Click the Link to book- https://bit.ly/2KCnmHp Once you understand your fear, you will then be able to remove it. Christopher will teach you not only how to break through it, he will also equip you with the ‘take home tools’ that will allow you to really build your confidence, and totally change your mindset. A little about Christopher... Christopher is a Harley Street therapist and an internationally acclaimed expert in dealing with fears, phobias, stress and anxiety. Christopher combines his expertise and experience, with a deep, personal mission, and passion, that is to empower as many people as humanly possible. Having tackled his own phobias and anxiety, Christopher knows that it really is possible to live a life that is based around freedom. Christopher works with a global client base, including actors, models, musicians, presenters and celebrities. His expertise has been requested by TV & Radio and press he has been consulted/featured on the BBC TV, GQ, Grazia, Mail online and many more. Watch Christopher Cure a phobia on the BBC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZApM20mQcY&list=PL81wY21FMritILysyuY32N-sZQ3GDbkT0 You can find out more about Christopher by visiting www.christopherpauljones.net Testimonials “Since seeing Christopher, I can honestly say he has changed my life. My anxiety levels have been substantially reduced and I now have so many new thinking techniques that I use daily. I would encourage everyone to see Christopher because he has transformed my life.” Poppy Jamie – TV Presenter “Chris is always there when I need help, his methods have had a positive effect on my wellbeing.” Suki Waterhouse – Model, Actress, Celebrity I just want to take a couple of minutes to tell everybody your programme rocks and if you get the opportunity to check out Christopher then make it happen.” Joseph McClendon III – Motivational Speaker and #1 Coach for Tony Robbins “I used to be terrified of turbulence when flying, then I worked with Christopher and now I get so happy when there might be turbulence, I actually look forward to it. ” Arezoo Kaviani – Celebrity Beauty Therapist Tickets online -8 pound and on door 15 pound if any Left. Please Click the Link to book- https://bit.ly/2KCnmHp Look Forward to Meet you guys soon. Best Christopher

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