What we're about

About us:

LIFESEXPERTS is a unique service which provides life relevant educational content on all topics related to personal development and interpersonal skills, with a focus on self care, sexuality and relationships. We take from the social sciences and collected knowledge from different fields to develop our content, with psychology being the primary field.

What we do (in a nut shell):

LIFESEXPERTS deliver talks, seminars (guided group discussions and reflections) and workshops (practical skills Know How).

Who we deliver for:

Our content is suitable for delivery at institutions, companies, organisations and for individuals in the community.
Our content is for adults only.


We believe that it is a shame and a waste for scientists to be accumulating so much knowledge and data on the human mind and behaviour when most of which unfortunately remains behind the heavy bars of academia, guided by steep prices, heavy language and tough accessibility. We aim to share the accumulated knowledge and thus empower individuals through education. This will help improve the mental health and overall life satisfaction and well-being of individuals and communities.

Past events (85)

After Sexual Assault - Reclaiming Your Sexual Joy

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Business Wisdom for Success in Personal Relationships

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