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Life Well Lived is a Meetup that offers Talks and workshop about Health -Wealth- Happiness- Nutrition- Mental health and care of our body.

London is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world, yet it is also one of the loneliest places to live. We are surrounded by people all the time but with more people using the phones and other devices, we are losing our ability to connect with one another.

It seems that everyone in London is career focused and the main social events revolve around drinking with work colleagues. By the time the weekend comes around do you have things planned or are you too tired to do anything? Even being in a crowd can feel lonely and the people you really want to see are just too busy.

Social anxiety is also something that talked about a lot. If you want to go and meet new people but you suffer from anxiety, it is really hard. If it is all work and no play, then what is the point of living in London? When you have a poor social life it can lead to isolation, fatigue, depression and low self esteem. People often put off the social life development by indulging in box sets and using social media to keep in contact with people they never see in person. If you want to learn how to really connect with new people, then this is the event for you.

This group is for married people, single people, new-in-towners, and people who have been in the London area for a while and are simply looking for a new group to go out with. Membership is FREE, and you only have to be friendly and fun to join!

We host a regular-occurring happy hour where we raise money for various local charities (all voluntary donations).

“Let's get together for affordable Events In Central London.
This is a group for anyone interested in bringing more happiness and improving there Lifestyle.

We'll will do every week different events .

Look forward to meet u guys.

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How to End self Sabotage-From Fear & Phobias to Freedom(Online Talk)Limitedspot

we tend to be impatient, and lost in the past or in the future instead of being present During This Fear and Panic time . We also tend to resist or react to things by denying, commenting, or judging them rather than being receptive and trying to understand them. This reaction creates more stress. Please Notice This is Popular Event & we have Limited spot- Tickets are only £8 - http://bit.ly/35RblJO Please join this Online talk 10 minute early to make sure everything is working. Have you ever wanted to go from fear to total confidence, but you just find that something is stopping you? In this hour and half online talk, Harley Street therapist, Christopher Paul Jones will give you the life changing ‘mind tools’ that will help you understand how and why fear is stopping you, and give you the power to do something about it. Once you understand your fear, you will then be able to remove it. Christopher will teach you not only how to break through it, he will also equip you with the ‘take home tools’ that will allow you to really build your confidence, and totally change your mindset. A little about Christopher... Christopher is a Harley Street therapist and an internationally acclaimed expert in dealing with fears, phobias, stress and anxiety. Christopher combines his expertise and experience, with a deep, personal mission, and passion, that is to empower as many people as humanly possible. Having tackled his own phobias and anxiety, Christopher knows that it really is possible to live a life that is based around freedom. Christopher works with a global client base, including actors, models, musicians, presenters and celebrities. His expertise has been requested by TV & Radio and press he has been consulted/featured on the BBC TV, GQ, Grazia, Mail online and many more. Watch Christopher Cure a phobia on the BBC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZApM20mQcY&list=PL81wY21FMritILysyuY32N-sZQ3GDbkT0 You can find out more about Christopher by visiting www.christopherpauljones.net Testimonials “Since seeing Christopher, I can honestly say he has changed my life. My anxiety levels have been substantially reduced and I now have so many new thinking techniques that I use daily. I would encourage everyone to see Christopher because he has transformed my life.” Poppy Jamie – TV Presenter “Chris is always there when I need help, his methods have had a positive effect on my wellbeing.” Suki Waterhouse – Model, Actress, Celebrity I just want to take a couple of minutes to tell everybody your programme rocks and if you get the opportunity to check out Christopher then make it happen.” Joseph McClendon III – Motivational Speaker and #1 Coach for Tony Robbins “I used to be terrified of turbulence when flying, then I worked with Christopher and now I get so happy when there might be turbulence, I actually look forward to it. ” Arezoo Kaviani – Celebrity Beauty Therapist Tickets are Only 8 Pound - Click the Link to book your tickets- http://bit.ly/35RblJO Once you payed for your ticket you will get this link of zoom software which you need to click it and download it. Please join this Online talk 10 minute early to make sure everything is working . Look Forward to Meet you guys soon. Best Christopher

Shyness Self-help group talk (Positive Affirmations and Good Energy Meditations)

Join this comfy and friendly self-help group session on Zoom. This interactive session is intended for shy and socially anxious people, led by a very shy host who understands what it is all about! You do not have to be on camera or speak if you do not want to. The group shall be around 4-5 people including the host. Dont be misled if there are more people signed up - the number who will pop up will most likely be much smaller. This makes it cosy and everyone has time to speak up. Plan: 1)Short INTRO about what can be the ground reasons for your shyness. 2)We ll SHARE our stories what makes us shy and exchange tips what helps coping. 3)Short GUIDED MEDITATION to work through your confidence issues if any. Will include affirmations and reconnecting with your inner child. 4)Another short guided GROUP INTERACTION MEDITATION, where we will express our support mentally/send good energy and vibes to the ones who need it the most. That may be helpful to create a new reassuring confidence image for the recipient and challenge her low self esteem frames created by negative influences in everyday life. Join the session on Zoom exactly on the day and time, its ok though to be fashionably late if you prefer to arrive in style.. Zoom app requires you to pre-install a small and free client on your PC/phone prior to the session so why not making sure you have it ready. Disclaimer: the host is not a psychology professional, however studied some psychology at college (general) ,and university level (social, children and adolescent), and did some self-study additionally, participated in psychology training bootcamps, and have led some online/offline group meetings. Not conducting professional therapy but only facilitating group self-help.

Breeakup Conversations

Online event

-Recap of Turbo 10 step strategy to get over the breakup. -Guided meditation (relevant to the issue). -we ask one volunteer to share their story of breakup, and proceed to -Interactive group power meditation where we send her good vibes and positive affirmations together to help her heal faster and get over breakup. The group is thought to be likely small, around 4-5 people. Disclaimer: the host is not a psychology professional, however studied some psychology at college (general) ,and university level (social, children and adolescent), and did some self-study additionally, participated in psychology training bootcamps, and have led some online/offline group meetings. Not conducting professional therapy but only facilitating group self-help.

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