What we're about

Are you a cross-functional lady (or identifying as lady) leader in the tech space who craves candid discussions and a roomful of peers to get advice from and commiserate with on shared experiences? Then this is the place for you!

Our goal is to amass a kick-ass group of fun-loving but can-be-focused-and-serious life lovers and professional go-getters to share ideas, goals, struggles and practical solutions as it relates to their careers.

We realize that this might not be the spot for everyone which is totally fine. But we do think it will be a great spot for people who personally align themselves to the following qualities:


Subject matter experts, managers, directors and department heads with experience in their vocation

As a result, there are people that might not see the themes and topics ring as relevant to them. If you personally align with any of the following, then we encourage you to find a group better suited for your unique challenges and opportunities.


People just starting out in their career or not in the tech space

C-level folks

People interested in networking as opposed to collaboration


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LIT Inaugural Hang - YOU BETTER WORK(shop)

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