What we're about

This group is for all those "Old School" music lovers of R&B; Blues; Jazz, Oldies and more.

Social Distancing LIVE & Virtual Outdoor Concerts & Jams

During this time we are adjusting to the new normal for all of our safety.

We will be hosting a series of outdoor events starting in July.

Please continue to follow us and support us as we selectively plan all our future events.

https://www.facebook.com/simplyawesomeentertainment/ (https://meet.meetup.com/ls/click?upn=SDNnya-2FgLI6CfUa8do8Zd9NIdAJujfY89j4lT-2FdVY0tpwUn1aZGKtZNOvLDFq8-2FzrBJ27anM0TyRXbptmcILIC-2FW0M2CibLJn-2FsKbDhdB2ICph6kQDndYhooFHKWq5ay9A2T_hxXnXYZ788X9rGUgsq1fJStGCAus3mkN37OK2sKvOqkxEs1R7loErFo3Q3-2FvfI7ZV8BpGkuP7pEv30J0jSOpzvLtP5QlsxtesRtFBEGapvV7gWRM1ZUDyk3sVb0VfyagAoxtmoFJ4miRERx-2FE5u6CrzVoaulc8n2v-2FA-2By4vPMhBF8jrI-2B9nNbN3qV71pcNRsRxvzj8aHT2Ohlz3ZU9a-2F1bCMyMgZviq7GpcSswE7YSI-3D)

https://www.facebook.com/obewi (https://meet.meetup.com/ls/click?upn=SDNnya-2FgLI6CfUa8do8Zd9NIdAJujfY89j4lT-2FdVY0vL-2BW3zXiwjViWrFbxw-2F4yWL9xMv5PNBs7fz-2FpcGEczIg-3D-3DUeNj_hxXnXYZ788X9rGUgsq1fJStGCAus3mkN37OK2sKvOqkxEs1R7loErFo3Q3-2FvfI7ZV8BpGkuP7pEv30J0jSOpzuAYvHZRHoAukeTl-2BehFwgPlUYA4yeLEkOhJinoT4BnJwNqkVB7cVlIQ5b5NlnwxjMmlP5-2BXQPJeVYHW2Uf84Ywi-2F0M21cO4zJFmdDyE34b41w7uTmdCnwSB4oEWTXn65U-2FHDjmJK9ojrkTVMoVQsCA-3D)


Come enjoy a group of professional musicians, composers and entertainers that have traveled the world.. Professional musicians, composers and entertainers specializing in Festivals, Clubs, Private Parties, Corporate Parties and Concerts. Available to provide Simply Awesome Entertainment for your music enjoyment.

Simply Awesome Entertainment is for the "Olde School Soul" in you. Bringing together like minded souls that simply appreciate Simply Awesome Entertainment for their listening ear in an environment of respect, maturity and integrity. Therapy for the Olde School Soul in you.



Simply Awesome UpScale Entertainment LIVE & Virtual Concerts is known for South Metro Atlanta Blues! Jazz! R&B! Outdoor LIVE Events & Jams and is about bringing together and putting together Blues & Jazz & R&B live music events and jams on the south side of Atlanta for in person and virtual attendees with some of our very talented local artists. Where community and musicians come together to create the stage needed to support live music and local musicians.

In this time of the new normal we have had to re-create how we entertain and how we are entertained. Social distancing is a must and creating our audiences and keeping safe environments is a must.

We are also about musicians supporting musicians. Creating a flow of income comes from all of us financially supporting each other creatively. We want to create environments where talent and and music from the soul can flow and be appreciated and supported by the private, the public and by peers in the industry not just with the listening ear but with monetary support from all.

The local music industry is underpaid and overworked and we want to create a balance of give and take.

We invite all those old school music lovers of Blues, Jazz, R&B, Oldies and more to join this group. We have professional musicians, composers and entertainers who have traveled the world specializing in Festivals, Clubs, Private Parties, Corporate Parties and Concerts.

We will host pop up events and virtual events with a high concentration on outdoor venues.

We want to partner with vendors and sponsors. We want to partner with outdoor venues and extremely large indoor venue allowing for secure social distancing.

We want to partner with musicians to showcase their talent and help promote for future bookings within our communities.

We want to partner with local communities to host events within their own communities and/or subdivisions.

We want to partner with you.

Thank you for listening!

Upcoming events (1)

Fayetteville Smooth Jazz Sunday JUNE 27th Outdoor Concert POP UP LOCATION ALERT!


Fayetteville Smooth Jazz Sundays
Outdoor Concert Series

215 Robinson DRIVE
Fayetteville, GA 30214

Sunday, June 27th
2pm - 7pm

Tickets: $15.00
On-line Purchase Preferred


Performances By:

Jazz Keyboardist Extraordinaire

The OBEWI Band
Jazz! Blues! R&B! Oldies!

Vendors Welcome
Space Available $40
Register @ www.SimplyAwesomeEntertainment.com

Bring your own!!
Refreshments Allowed
Beverages Allowed
Chairs Allowed
Tents Allowed

Food Trucks Welcome!
Register @ www.SimplyAwesomeEntertainment.com

Family Friendly
Ample Parking

Event Info:[masked].837.7067

Past events (15)

Fayetteville Smooth Jazz Sunday May 30th Outdoor Concert

250 E Lanier Ave


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