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LLVM / Clang Paris socials
LLVM / Clang Paris socials
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This is a casual meetup to get to know people working on LLVM, or Clang, lldb, lld, Polly, ... and exchange experience around those. Or just to learn about them.

This edition of the meetup will be particularly busy and crowdy, so please check your RSVP and update it if you change your mind.

We are very happy to welcome 3 guest speakers :

• Hal Finkel (Argonne National Laboratory) will present a shortened and updated version of his EuroLLVM'17 keynote "Exascale computing, LLVM, and representations of parallelism". He will also present the work he has done on a type sanitizer.

• David Chisnall (Cambridge University) will talk about "Targeting architectures where pointers are not integers with LLVM".

• Tobias Grosser (ETH Zürich) will present the "Efforts to make Polly production quality".