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Get Fighting Fit at Lacombe Martial Arts!
Come to LMA in Westlake Village to lose some sweat and gain some knowledge! We'll workout for 1 hour, including cardio, bodyweight exercises, stretching, and some serious punching and kicking! We'll end our workout with some proven self-defense techniques to leave you feeling stronger and more confident! Your first workout's on me! I want to make sure it's a good fit for you and that you enjoy yourself!

Lacombe Karate

31848-50 Village Center Rd · Westlake Village, CA


What we're about

• Want to build strong arms, legs, and core muscles?

• Want to fire up your metabolism and burn off a few extra calories?

• Want to feel confident in a physical confrontation, or walking alone at night?

• Want to build self-respect, discipline, and a sense of inner balance?

• Do you want to have fun and be part of a great community?

Yup. We've got all that.

Join us on Monday evenings for a workout that combines cardio, body-weight exercises, martial arts, and self-defense techniques into one fat-burning, muscle-building, mind-expanding training session! Free your first time, and guaranteed to draw you back for more! $10/session fee after your first visit.

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