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Node and AMP #LNM

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Join LNM to learn building and deploying with Node.JS as well as AMP!


6:00 - 6:30 PM - Register, grab a drink and a seat

6:30 - 7:15 PM - 1st talk: Shipping Resilient And Scalable Applications with Node.JS and Artillery (Hassy Veldstra, YLD)

7:15 - 7:45 PM - Break time: snacks, beer and networking!

7:45 - 8:30 PM - 2nd talk: I can't believe it's AMP (Sebastian Benz, Google)

8:30 PM - finish up and heading to a local pub (TBC) to continue conversation


Hassy Veldstra ( - Automation, DevOps, and Performance Testing Consultant

Shipping Resilient And Scalable Applications with Node.JS and Artillery ( is an advanced load testing toolkit written in Node.js. It supports testing HTTP, ( and WebSocket-based services and can be scripted with JS. This talk will provide a walkthrough of how can be used to help you prepare your application for high load.

About Hassy Veldstra (

Hassy Veldstra is the creator of, and a DevOps and automation consultant with a particular interest in performance and chaos testing.


Sebastian Benz ( - Developer Advocate @ Google

I can't believe it's AMP

AMP has evolved quite a bit since being introduced as a way to create simple static web pages that render almost instantly. Today, it's possible to create complex, interactive websites only using AMPHTML. This talk provides an overview of the AMP ecosystem and demonstrates what's possible if you fully exploit the functionality of AMP components.

About Sebastian Benz (

Sebastian Benz is a Developer Advocate at Google. He created ( and helps developers be more successful on the web and on Android.


Thank you our sponsors: (

Salesforce pioneered the revolutionary idea of replacing traditional desktop CRM software with CRM in the cloud, making it accessible anytime from anywhere.

Our innovative cloud platform takes advantage of a wide range of languages and technologies including Node JS, Java and C#.

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YLD is one of London’s fastest growing software engineering consultancies working with European brands such as The Economist, Trainline and Thomas Cook.

We augment our clients’ teams with some of the best JavaScript engineers in Europe and help our clients win by employing the best software engineering practices and introducing cutting edge technologies.

Our ethos is defined by a commitment to the open source community - we aim to create a long standing engineering culture and delivery capability in each piece of work we do. We don’t stop until we get there.

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