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It's that time of year ... Ice Skating! (and board games)
Bryant Park Ice Skating is open! Let's go skate (or fall on our butts a lot!) And I'll bring a couple of board games, so people can play a little upstairs if they don't want to skate or want to take a break from skating. Here are the details: We'll meet near the bag check inside at 11 a.m. Even if you have your own skates, or even if you don't want to skate, but just to hang, you still need to stand in the line to "pay" so you can get your wrist band that allows you inside. The pricing is: Admission: Free Skate Rental: $20 Helmet Rental: $6 (optional) Small Bag Check: $12 Large Bag Check: $15 Lock Purchase: $10 They have lockers there, so if you bring a lock with you, you don't have to pay to check bags and shoes. But, keep in mind, the lockers are small. This event does not include lunch after. There is a snack bar, and I don't see anything that says you can't bring your own food into the pavillion.

Bryant Park Ice Rink

42nd St and 6th Ave · New York, NY


What we're about


Our philosophy is simple ... be positive, inclusive, supportive and really enjoy the moments and memories we are building together.

Life is too short NOT to meet new people, make new friends, do something different, scream at the top of your lungs for no reason, commit random acts of kindness just for a smile and REALLY enjoy all that you do. In our group, you will meet and make new friends; you may eat a type of food you have never even heard of before; you could spend a day hiking in the beautiful wooded countryside (or maybe even do that same hike at night under a full moon); you can learn more about the New York Tri-State area through a tour or two; you will feel good about yourself when you help others at our volunteer events; you might learn to meditate, do yoga or tai chi; you can even face your fears with your new friends on exciting, adrenaline pumping adventures.

We are a group of open-minded, fun, positive, friendly, respectful, and supportive people who come from all walks of life. No matter what your background, we want to meet you. We want you to meet each other. We all have value as human beings, so let’s share that value with one another. The more diverse our group is, the more fun we will all have!!

So, read the rest, check out and agree to the Legal Disclaimer ( and Policies (, and then join us to make new, lasting friendships and live LIFE OUT LOUD!

Who Are The Organizers:

Groups like ours come about from Event Organizers that have grown and expanded their minds through the meetup experience. We are or have been Event Organizers, Organizers or Assistant Organizers in other Meet Up groups and now have ideas and direction of our own that we would like to share with members of our group, Life Out Loud! The Leadership Team ( along with you, the members, will share ideas and shape the future of Life Out Loud! Together let's make our group the best one on Meet Up.

Post suggestions, reach out to organizers, comment and criticize, constructively, of course, let us help each other to make this the best experience for all of us. The Leadership Team ( here to assist you and answer any questions.

But, we all maintain that the strength of the group is YOU, the members!!

Our Events:

We do events throughout the five boroughs of New York City and beyond. Our events range from a simple walk in the park to flying through a canopy of trees on a zip line, to trying out new cuisines, to walking through the streets as a zombie and much more. We may even spend an entire weekend away, either hiking/camping or going on a getaway. The events will range in the number of attendees allowed, dependent upon what type of event. If the event will involve alcoholic beverages, you must be 21 or older to RSVP to that event.

Don't worry about coming out alone, that's what most of us have done and still do... we'll make sure that you feel welcome, have fun and hopefully go home having had a memorable time. You can get started by browsing our Past Events ( and checking Our Calendar ( for upcoming events.


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