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Everyone is welcome to join us tonight as we enjoy a fabulous Indian meal. Delight your taste buds with an aromatic and flavoursome curry. Choosing which dish to eat is the hardest part of this evening. There are 38 main dishes to choose from on the menu 12 side dishes, 8 types of rice and 6 types of Nan bread, all at a very good price for a Saturday evening... We have a special all-in price of £16 (Even less at only £14 for those members holding the Ken's Events Card ( The price quoted even includes the 10% service charge!! Meet from 6.15pm onwards for a pre-dinner drink before the meal is served soon after in two sittings 6.30pm, and 7.30 pm. There may be a later sitting if there is demand. Please note that your time of arrival will dictate which sitting you are on. After the meal we will head off for a drink and more socialising at a local bar where the event will continue. We are dining at the Bengal Quay Indian Restaurant in Canary Wharf. The restaurant is close to both the Jubilee Line and the DLR. The meal consists of multiple choices (choose one per person) for an individual main course with rice, plus in addition there will be a variety of Naan Breads and Side Dishes for sharing. For your main course choose from;CHEFS RECOMMENDATIONS,SIMPLY INDIAN DISHES,TANDOORI DISHES, BIRYANI DISHES,SEAFOOD DISHES,VEGETARIAN DISHES, as detailed below. CHEFS RECOMMENDATIONS: AFGANI CHICKEN (Chicken in mild curry with saffron and chickpeas) BUTTER CHICKEN (Prepared in butter cream, nuts and mild sauce) CHICKEN OR LAMB REZALLA (Pieces of chicken or lamb tikka cooked in a hot and slightly tangy sauce, made with fresh green chillies, coconut powder and tomato) SHABNUM GOSHT (Lamb cooked with small mushrooms and peas with medium spice sauce) RAJASTHANI LAMB SWETA (Hot and spicy diced lamb and corn curry) CHICKEN OR LAMB HYDRABADE (Cooked with chef’s own special recipe) KARAKI LAMB (Cooked with chef own special recipe. Flown out to Beverly Hills at the request of Playboy owner Hugh Hefner) MANCHURIAN CHICKEN (medium hot dish from the district of Manchuria in India, cooked with sweet and sour sauce) LAMB BADAMI (Tender lamb simmered in cashew nuts and flavoured with saffron, finished with a dash of yoghurt) SIMPLY INDIAN DISHES: CHICKEN OR LAMB MADRAS (fairly hot dish cooked in hot South Indian curry) CHICKEN OR LAMB BHUNA (medium hot dish of Chicken or Lamb) CHICKEN OR LAMB KORAI (medium hot dish with pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in spices and tossed in an iron wok) CHICKEN OR LAMB DANSAK (Hot, sweet and sour chicken or lamb with lentils) CHICKEN OR LAMB ROGANJOSH (Chicken or lamb cooked in onion and tomato curry with kashmiri spices and dried apples) CHICKEN KORMA (chicken pieces in very mild and sweet sauce ) LAMB SAAG (Lamb and spinach) CHICKEN JALFREZI (Chicken cooked in fresh herbs and green chillies with hot spices) CHICKEN OR LAMB PASANDA (Tender slice of chicken and lamb with almonds with clotted cream) CHICKEN TIKKA MASSALA (Chicken tikka in spiced tomato curry with clotted cream) GARLIC CHILLI CHICKEN (Fairly hot chicken with lots of garlic and fresh chillies) GARLIC CHILLI LAMB (Fairly hot lamb with lots of garlic and fresh chillies) BALTI CHICKEN (Fairly hot dish, chicken cooked with onion, green peppers, tomato and a special blend of Balti spices) TANDOORI DISHES (All tandoori dishes are cooked in the constant flame of charcoal in the oven, thus obtaining the highly delicate flavour and taste of the dishes, served with salad): CHICKEN TIKKA (Boneless piece of chicken marinated in mild spices, skewered and cooked in a day oven) LAMB TIKKA (Piece of chicken marinated in mild spices, skewered and cooked in a day oven) TANDOORI CHICKEN (Chicken marinated overnight in spices and yoghurt and then cooked in a day oven and served with a fresh salad.) CHICKEN SHASLICK (Tender pieces of chicken marinated in freshly ground aromatic herbs and spices, barbecued with onion capsicum and tomatoes) BIRYANI DISHES: An aromatic dish cooked with pilau rice and served with a vegetable curry Choose from VEGETABLE BIRYANI,CHICKEN BIRYANI,LAMB BIRYANI or CHICKEN TIKKA BIRYANI SEAFOOD DISHES: PRAWN BHUNA (Prawn cooked with flavoured spices) PRAWN KORAI (Prawn cooked in medium hot sauce with green peppers) PRAWN DANSAK (Prawn cooked in hot sweet and sour sauce with lentils.) VEGETARIAN MAIN DISHES: HARA SHOBZI (Stir fried vegetables, highly spiced) PANEER MAKHANI (Indian cheese cooked with creamy butter sauce). SHABNAM CURRY (Mushroom, peas and panner curry) VEGETABLE CURRY (Mixed vegetables in a medium curry sauce) All main dishes served with rice and naan bread. RICE (to accompany main courses): BOILED RICE, PILAU RICE, SPECIAL FRIED RICE, MUSHROOM RICE, VEGETABLE RICE, LEMON RICE BENGAL RICE (with Garlic and chicken) NARIAL RICE (with Coconut) SIDE DISHES (for sharing): ONION BHAJI MUSHROOM BHAJI VEGETABLE CURRY OR DRY VEGETABLE FRESH BHINDI BHAJI (Okra with fried onion) PALONG SAG (Fresh spinach boiled and tempered with onion and garlic) SAG PANEER (Paneer cheese and spinach) SAG ALOO (Spiced potatoes with spinach) ALOO GOBI (Potatoes cooked with cauliflower and ginger) BOMBAY ALOO (Potatoes with tomatoes and cumin) DAL TARKA (Lentils tempered with onion and garlic) CHANA MASALA (Chickpeas) TIL BAIGAN (Diced aubergine masala with sesame) NAN BREADS (for sharing): PLAIN NAN, GARLIC NAN, CHEESE NAN, CHILLI NAN KEEMA NAN (Stuffed with minced meat) PESHWARI NAN (Almond paste and fruit) Please note this is a joint event with Ken's Events All London City Dining and Ken's Events are subject to a disclaimer. 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Bengal Quay

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