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Welcome to the Meetup page for London4All,London's leading online and offline photographic community. We aim to inspire you to express your creativity and share your passion for all things London through your images.

At the heart of London4All is our Instagram (http://www.instagram.com/london4all)-based daily competition where your photos have the chance to be selected to appear on our London4All hub. We run the largest daily competition session in Europe. Our nightly sessions are huge fun and bring a real community spirit. If you've not checked them out, head over to our Instagram (http://www.instagram.com/london4all) hub and see what it's all about!

In addition to our online presence, we run events organised via this Meetup page. These range from large 200+ person gatherings, to small 15 person workshops that focus on hands-on techniques. We organise photowalks ("Photowalks4All") where we give you fresh perspectives of known and less well known parts of the city, workshops (yup, "Skills4All" events) where top photographers share insights on specific shot types and styles, and events that provide the opportunity for exclusive behind the scenes access to some amazing locations. We focus on both the technical aspects of your camera and photography, as well as the creative photo side in amazing locations across London.

Above all, these meetups are a chance to bring the London photographic community together, to meet new friends and old, and of course to get out shooting in a fun, creative, and supportive environment.

Whether or not you are on Instagram, whether you are a first time Meetup person on a frequent flyer, the events we organise here are for you. Our members come from all backgrounds and skill levels, from those with a cameraphone who are just starting out, to some of the top commercial photographers in London.

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Summer in the City

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Portrait Meetup ‘Urban Meets Model’

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Winter Lights : @London4all_portraits

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Winter Lights : @London4All

Reuters plaza

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